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 without spending hours creating content.

This year is the perfect time to turn your social feeds into lead generating machines! 

Say goodbye to those wasted moments staring at a blank screen wondering what to say today, tomorrow or any other day of the year. This calendar was created for real estate agents to generate LEADS for FREE from social media.

In less time than it takes to make your morning coffee, I guarantee you'll never worry about your social media content again.

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Social media should be a primary lead pillar for every real estate agent.

The Savvy Agent 2020 Content Calendar tells you WHAT to post and WHEN so you can quickly create valuable content that will turn your followers into clients (or referrals!).

For less than $50 you can be worry free in 2020! (At least when it comes to your social media posts.) 

The calendar includes everything you’ll need to create engaging content for all your social media platforms including:

  • 366 days of content creation prompts
  • Post ideas to position yourself as the local expert
  • Topics to cover when you go LIVE
  • Prompts to generate LEADS
  • Reminders for all important holidays

But WHY is social media so darn important?



People want to KNOW who they're hiring. 

Someone will feel like they know you when they "get" you. 

Social visibility is an efficient way to get large numbers of people familiar with you and your brand. The more they see, the more they'll know.



Very few people will list with someone they don't LIKE. 

Posting content that gives value, provides a perspective and isn't "all business, all the time," is the way to connect with your audience. 

Your "people" will find you, but not if you're a secret agent.



TRUST is the foundation of our business.  

Your clients want to know that you know what you're doing. That you're going to be on their side.

Social media is a great place to set the expectation of how you provide for your clients.

You could invest hundreds or even thousands to hire a social media manager!

But wouldn't you rather profit that money? Or re-invest it in your business? In less than 5 minutes a day you can have a rockin' social media presence that gives you LEADS! Imagine how great a year full of referrals will be! 

What Our Clients Say

"The Savvy Agent Content Calendar was just what I needed to complete my business plan! I know I'll easily execute engaging posts while drinking my morning coffee that will delight my existing followers and attract new."

Susanne Casey


"Total game-changer!! Before, I was spending several hours trying to come up with different marketing tools and topics. The calendar has made my life easier! My social media numbers have increased and I’ve even gained more clients"

Liz Prue


"This is an incredibly detailed, easy to follow calendar! I can schedule, have my assistant schedule, or produce it that day. Heather has thought about it all, so I don’t have to!"

Nell Schroer 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any guarantees?

What if I can't or don't want to go LIVE?

Do I have to post every single day as the calendar suggests?

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