How to Stay in Touch with Your Database - Without Making Calls!

How to Stay in Touch with Your Database – Without Making Calls!

How to Stay in Touch with Your Database – Without Making Calls!

I know, it sounds like a dream come true which must mean it’s NOT true. But really, this is such a simple, yet fantastic way to stay in touch with your database – without making calls! Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Revi Mendelsohn, of The Mendelsohn Group, at Rodeo Realty in Beverly Hills, 90210. (Sorry, I can’t help but add the zip code!)

But, back to business…

Revi runs a business that runs purely on referrals. Of course, recurring business from her database, but also referrals from past clients, sphere of influence AND other real estate agents. She uses Facebook to stay in touch with her database, but she does it in an old fashioned way. Check it out:

Common questions:

Does it freak people out that you’re sending them a card with their own pictures on it? 

NO! One person out of 1200+ has had an issue with it. Most people love it because it’s so unique and personal. Most people only have digital pictures so sending a printed picture on a card gives them something to hold onto for a long time. But, you also don’t have to use their pictures – you can just send a regular card.

Side effect: People will post a picture of the card she sends to social media – and that generates interest in her and her business!


Does it take a ton of time? 

It takes as much time as you want to invest. You can certainly go down a rabbit hole when you’re getting started or designing something, but it’s not required at all. Basically, you could spend the least amount of time possible to upload your contacts, scan Facebook periodically for special dates, and send out the cards. You can even have your assistant or VA handle this task for you.


Is it very expensive? 

No. Send Out Cards has a FREE plan which is great to try it out and get your feet wet. There are three other pricing plans depending on your monthly needs. We talk about those at 29:21 in the video.


Can I use it in a drip campaign? 

YES! Revi shows us examples of how she has campaigns that automatically send out anniversary cards. You can also set it up to send cards at a certain frequency with different subjects. The first few months after buying a house is a great example, but you could customize it for other occasions/milestones as well.


My favorite part…

You can send BROWNIES with your card. Honestly, this makes me so happy! I had a referral from a past client and wanted to test the Send Out Cards system. Sent them a package of 8 brownies which was a little expensive on the free plan. If I had the $97 plan, I think I would probably send more brownies – and more likely in 2 packs which are more reasonably priced. (I mean, the brownies are good, but let’s not go crazy.)

But, maybe you wanted to send a gift card, and not an edible treat like brownies. NO PROBLEM. You can buy that $25 gift card for a small handling fee – which is competitive with Walgreens. You’ll pay less for the card than a Hallmark at Walgreen’s too!


To sum it up

I could talk about Send Out Cards with Revi for a long time. And, this was a long chat at 1 hour and 15 minutes. But, it’s filled with gold marketing tips that you can use in your business, whether or not you use Send Out Cards. If you wanted to try Send Out Cards, you can use Revi’s affiliate link (she’ll get a small commission if you spend any money, so that’s cool!).

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80/20 rule

Do you follow the 80/20 rule?

Do you follow the 80/20 rule?

I know, you can’t wait to hear about another damn rule! But, the 80/20 rule is possibly one of the most important rules on social media! Here’s how it works:

80% of your posts should be about your audience
20% of your posts can be about YOU, your listings, the services you provide, etc.

So what does your audience WANT to see?

Remember, you’re posting on social media, so you want to be interesting, fun and not salesy. Think about what your audience is interested in.

What do they like/love and/or comment on your page? What do they post about themselves? These are clues to what types of posts/content you could post.

If your page is dead and doesn’t get many likes/loves/comments – then definitely start a TEST and change up your content. It might be hard to post something that’s NOT real estate related but you can do it! Here’s a few ideas to start you out…

Best local places for swim lessons
Your favorite place(s) to get pizza (or any other food/beverage for that matter)
A beautiful street (do not mention anything about YOU or real estate!!) Keep it simple – this is my favorite street in {my_city} because I just love the {trees, flowers, view, whatever reason you love}.
Farmer’s Market – could be location of your favorites, you could visit one and post some pics of neat things at the market, or ask for a recommendation of THEIR favorite market (asking for recommendations works better once the page has some good engagement, if it’s a dead page – this might fall flat)
Bike trails – does your town/city/neighborhood have bike trails? If you were on the trail – are there any fun/cool stops one could make?
Fantastic sales at local stores. Maybe there’s a fantastic sale on ribs at your favorite grocery store (this happened to me just this weekend!) that you can pass along to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to BE you, just don’t BRAG about you.

The people that follow your page know you’re in real estate and they likely know you’re amazing at it. No need to be all real estate, all the time. Give your audience the opportunity to get to know you better while serving them content they’re actually interested in, simply by following this 80/20 rule.

Try lots of different types of posts – some with pictures, some with videos and (gasp) some with Facebook Lives! Ask questions to generate comments – but don’t go overboard because that looks like engagement bait after a while.

Then, after a few weeks evaluate which posts received the most likes/loves/comments and then do MORE of those.

The beauty of the 80% rule is that the more people like/love/comment on your posts – MORE of your posts will show in their newsfeed. Which means there’s a greater chance they’ll actually see one of your 20% posts about a new listing or open house. It’s a win/win because your audience is getting to know you, like you more, and definitely trust you – while being entertained by your posts!

If you’re in Savvy Agent Club, the Conversation Starters are a good option to generate engagement on your page. And, then for the 20% posts, you can always fill in some blanks with an image (or 2 or 3) from the Graphics Library. And, if you’re not in the Club, you can get more info here.

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Real Estate: Your Customer's Journey to Buying a House

Real Estate: Your Customer’s Journey to Buying a House

Real Estate: Your Customer’s Journey to Buying a House

Recently, I was on a mastermind call where we discussed how we (we=real estate agents as a whole) have a tendency to talk to leads as though they’re in decision making mode.

Which got me to thinking – if they’re not in decision making mode, where are they?

Statistics show that an online lead takes 12-18 months from when they first start looking at homes online to actually reaching out to a real estate agent. BUT, does that mean they’re in decision mode?


Real Estate: Your Customer's Journey to Buying a House


All transactions start with an idea.

Which moves into research, definitely weighing the pros and the cons of making a move, etc., etc., until your client decides to connect with an agent and make a plan.

Then, they’re really serious and you start moving toward that fateful day when they sign a contract.

What would happen if you talked to your leads as if they were in the idea stage? How would your communication be different?

Are you asking them over and over if they want to go look at houses this weekend – and getting no response?

What if you gave them an answer to a question they might be thinking about in the research stage?

For example, could they be wondering how much money you actually have to have to buy a house?

I’ll bet you know many different answers to that question! So, why don’t you email them and give them the answer? Brilliant!

Do that over, and over and over.

Even if that person never wondered about down payment, or whatever question you answer, you’re providing value and PROVING that you’re awesome. So, when the time is right for them to reach out – of course they’re going to call you!

Save each response you send and after a short time you’ll have a library of VALUE-PACKED canned emails you can tailor to any lead and help generate a response (that will lead to more sales)! And, when it comes to Real Estate: Your Customer’s Journey to Buying a House, you now have a clear idea how to reach them in different stages.

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Has Anyone Sold a House from Facebook Live?

Has Anyone Sold a House from Facebook Live?

Has anyone sold a house from Facebook Live?

Have you ever wondered if anyone has sold a house from Facebook live? An agent asked me that question the other day and I was stumped for a second. I just couldn’t believe they didn’t know!

It’s like the question – has anyone ever sold a house at an open house?

But, of course, the answer is YES (to both). But, that’s not really the point of a Facebook live. (Or the open house, for that matter.)

So what IS the point?

Using Facebook Live is a cheap and easy way to get your content in front of MORE people for FREE or LOW, LOW cost.

But WHY (it’s not like we don’t have enough to do!)?!?!

Because the more people see your Facebook live(s), the more they have the chance to get to KNOW you, LIKE you, and TRUST you.

Remember the first time you saw a Gary Vee video?

OMG – the 1st Wine Library video! 

You might have thought – this is interesting. And then you saw another one. And another. And now maybe you listen to his podcast or follow him religiously. Or, just know that when you do see a Gary Vee video – it’s worth watching.

Or, when Tom Ferry started the Tom Ferry Show a few years ago… remember the first one you saw?

Episode 1 of the Tom Ferry Show! 

Maybe you already knew Tom and these videos just made you want MORE? Maybe you’d never heard of him but now you subscribe to his email list. Heck, maybe you even pay him for coaching!

These are great examples of how Facebook Lives (and videos in general) let you know, like and trust a business person.

Remember, anyone doing FB lives was once new at it too. No one is expecting you to be a media mogul right outta the gate. But, if you don’t give yourself a chance to get YOUR message out there – YOUR next clients might go somewhere else because they don’t know you’re a choice.

Facebook live also gives you great options to leverage your content (aka videos). Here’s a few examples:

·         Social proof on your FB page – when people are looking at agents, or researching YOU, you’ll have more video social proof aka: knowledge bombs, than the competition.

·         Emails that contain some value. If you answer unasked questions – people who you’re warming up on your list will be like “wow, this agent knows what’s up – it’s like she’s a mind reader!”

·         Recycle your lives to YouTube and now you’ve got a channel. More for email housing – you can embed these in your emails

·         Upload the video to your blog, or embed your FB post to your blog. Now you’re blogging, check one more to do list task complete.

·         RE-TARGET THE SHIT OUT OF THE VIDEO VIEWS – that’s where you move people further into your sales funnel.

So, that’s why everyone says “do Facebook Live” – not because they’re selling houses left and right – but because they’re expanding their audience and leveraging the videos in their business. And, you CAN too!

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Real Estate Update: Fake Engagement is a Terrible Idea

Real Estate Update: Fake Engagement is a Terrible Idea

Real Estate Update:

Fake Engagement is a Terrible Idea


In this video, (from a Facebook live), I implore you to not use this terrible strategy of an engagement pod!

What’s an Engagement Pod?

This post was inspired by a group admin I saw encouraging everyone to engage with each others pages and posts. Now, this strategy might work for local restaurants, mommy pages or DIY pages. But the group was filled with real estate agents and by participating in an engagement pod, you’re not doing your page (or posts) any favors. 

Engagement pods can be found at the PAGE level or at a POST level. Both are bad ideas.

A PAGE engagement pod would be exactly what this group admin was perpetuating. She had a post that encouraged agents to drop a link to their Facebook business page so that other people in the group could go LIKE their page. And of course if you drop a link to your own page the expectation is that you like the links that other agents drop. I’ve seen these pods for Instagram profiles too. 

A POST engagement pod would be where you share a link to a social media post (Facebook or Instagram) and other people in your engagement pod like, love or comment on your post. 

The problem is the people you’re encouraging to engage with your page or post – are NOT your target audience. 

The reason people start engagement pods is to try to game the algorithm. So if you and all of your real estate friends said, “Okay, I’m going to like your page. You like my page. I’m going to like your post. I’m going to comment on your post.” So thinking you’re going to essentially trick algorithm by making it seem like your post is super engaging and they’ll show it to more of your audience. 

The algorithm is smarter than you think.

Facebook’s algorithm is pretty smart. And, Facebook owns Instagram so you KNOW they also use the same smart algorithm. (Or a smart variation specific to Instagram anyway.)

Essentially, the algorithm is going to see that you have real estate agents from several other states liking your page and commenting on a post. Being a smart little algorithm, it’s going to deduce that you WANT to share your content with people JUST LIKE THESE OTHER AGENTS. 

But that’s the WRONG target audience. 

So in theory, you’re getting more likes and more engagement on a post. But, not really because of how the algorithm interprets that engagement. Imagine that Facebook is going to say, “Oh, well, geez, Heather is in Des Moines, Iowa, but all of a sudden these people in seven other states are liking her stuff, so that must be her audience.” 

If real estate agents are your actual audience, then this is a strategy that could work for you. Savvy Agent’s target audience is going to be real estate agents. But, when it comes to selling real estate in my local market, I only want people who live in my area or are thinking about moving to my area.

PLUS, what happens when the engagement pod peters out and everyone has gone their separate ways? Now you have a bunch of real estate agents that like your page – but NEVER engage. And, they don’t engage with you because they’re not your target audience. The things that you’re posting aren’t created for their social media enjoyment, are they? 

But what about agents that sell your listings?

Now I know you might be thinking, “But what if I post a listing on my Facebook business page, and you know Suzie Q the agent that likes my page, she sees the listing and sells it.”

I get that. And if you want real estate agents on your page for that reason because you’re spamming Facebook with your listing, that’s up to you. I don’t recommend it for an effective social media strategy, but, you can totally do that.

Or, you could create a separate page that is just for listings in your town. For example: Homes For Sale in Chicago. Or, Homes For Sale in San Diego. And then post your listings and pimp your friends out to post their listings on that page too, and then the audience truly is real estate agents.

What is your ultimate goal?

Typically, a real estate agent would use their Instagram or Facebook business page to generate leads and connect with their audience. And/or to share social proof! Fake engagement from other real estate agents isn’t going to help you reach your local target audience because you’re confusing the algorithm. And, it’s going to mess your page up. It will ultimately kill all engagement because, honestly, who wants to engage with a bunch of real estate agents?

Imagine that you have a post that seven agents from seven other states are liking and making comments on. Then, Bob from your town sees the post. And he sees the engagement. But he also notices that the people commenting appear to be real estate agents. Bob’s going to think, “Oh well, I guess this is for real estate agents. I’m not going to engage with this because I’m not an agent and I don’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m talking about.” 

Just say no. 

These are the main reasons why you should not be involved with engagement pods. Don’t give fake engagement! And, don’t encourage other real estate agents to like or comment on your post because it’s not doing you a favor. Don’t get tricked by someone in a group that tells you it’s a good idea. Because it’s not. It’s a bad idea.

Get real engagement

Instead, why don’t you post things that your audience might actually be interested in? Consider the people that you WANT to connect with and what THEY would respond to. What are the questions that they have that you could answer? So maybe by doing a post answering an unasked question, or something fun that’s local, you give yourself the ability to connect with them on their level.

A sign you have a good post is when your true target audience engages with you by liking, loving or commenting on it. It stands to reason that you’re going to have to test a lot of content until you find what your audience will respond to. Then, when you get that post that has good engagement from your page you can run an engagement ad. The Facebook and Instagram algorithms somehow know exactly who to serve that post to, to get additional likes, loves and comments. Then, you can invite those new people to like your page. Slowly but surely you’re going to build an engaged social media following! 

If you’re not sure who your target audience is or what you should be posting to get their engagement, then you should download our free training: Attract the Perfect Client. 

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Are You Being Intentional Or Boring?

Are You Being Intentional Or Boring?

Any time you’re thinking about marketing to your database, you want to ask yourself, “are you being intentional or boring?” This is a good rule to follow with any type of content, marketing, email, or even social media posts.

A little backstory…

Recently, I met with a local agent for a poolside chat about getting organized in real estate. Yep, we were by the pool. Because how can you get some pool time in when you’re a real estate agent and an entrepreneur? Poolside chats!

Are you being intentional or boring? 

Work + Play = Balance, right?

Anyway, she was describing a moment I’m sure we’ve all had… you’re sitting at your computer, doing your thing, and all of a sudden you wonder “OMG, should I be sending out a newsletter?!?!” 

(Side note – don’t wonder those things! Make a marketing plan for the month (or better yet the year) and stick to it. You’ll stop having these bright shiny moments that get you off track.) 

My response:

Why do you need a newsletter when you can send an email from YOU (vs a newsletter service) that provides some sort of value to your audience?

One easy way to provide value is to send a round up of your best content that week. For example, did you post anything on Instagram or Facebook this week about your local area? Some ideas:

  • Something about a farmers market
  • The best place for fireworks this weekend
  • Where to get the most amazing raspberries
Are you being intentional or boring? 

mmmm, raspberries!

That’s good content!

You don’t need to pay a service for a boring newsletter. Remember that 20 other agents in your market will send the same exact newsletter. Ew, how boring! Instead, you can send an intentional email! And an intentional email with good content is providing VALUE.

Remember to include a link back to your Facebook page so you benefit from their future likes and engagement. Their engagement will give you better future organic traffic AND great re-targeting options. Yeah! But best of all, your audience will benefit from all of your awesome posts.

I would mix fun stuff, local stuff and maybe ONE real estate thing (you should do a Facebook live with YOUR #1 curb appeal tip!). 

Remember to be intentional. People will appreciate it so much more than a canned newsletter that isn’t really sharing anything great.

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Do You Have to Look Perfect to Go Live on Facebook

Do You Have to Look Perfect to Go Live on Facebook?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do you have to look perfect to go live on Facebook?” Keep reading because we’re going to prove the answer is NO.

In this video (from a Facebook live) I practice what I preach and talk about why you shouldn’t let your perfectly imperfect looks prevent you from going live on Facebook. 

Live inspiration

I was having lunch with an agent from out of town and I was telling her about Savvy Agent Club. Specifically how we have a training each month on a specific topic. For example, we have several trainings on video marketing and how you should step out of your comfort zone and do things like go live on Facebook. Let’s face it. Real estate is a relationship business. And, even if you’re not in real estate – people like to buy from people they LIKE. It’s so important to connect with your clients on a human level. Let them get to know who you are not only as a business person, but as THE person that they’re going to have a relationship with.

And so, I said, “I should do a Facebook live this afternoon. BUT, I was out in the heat this morning and completely melted. I’ve got my hair in a ponytail. You can see the evidence of sweat. I just look terrible, so I’m not going to go live.”

Can you relate to that big BUT moment where you try to talk yourself out of a great idea? Where you let your vanity get in the way of your success?

So, my friend says, “But Heather, you should go live.” And I knew how right she was.

Time to practice what I preach.

I tell everybody who takes the Facebook live tech training with Savvy Agent that it doesn’t matter what you look like. Your people already know what you look like, and they accept you for who you are. And anyone that looks at homes with me in the summer has seen sweaty, ponytail, melted Heather. It’s just a fact of my life. So, why would I let that stop me from speaking to my people??

If you what you have to say is valuable, then who cares if you have sweat head? Who cares if you weigh more than you’ve ever weighed before? Who cares if you’re too skinny? Does anyone care if you don’t have any makeup on? Don’t hold yourself back from giving to your audience. You have information that they’re going to benefit from – so don’t let your vanity get in the way of delivering.   

Sometimes a little lipstick is all you need.

I sweat most of my makeup off and just put on a little bit of lipstick before this Facebook live and you wouldn’t really even know that I didn’t have makeup on, had I not told you. If you did notice that I didn’t have makeup on, you certainly wouldn’t be rude enough to point that out because that’s just bad manners, right?

Give yourself some grace.

You are a human being and your people know that you’re a human being. It’s okay. Now, what you have to say and the information you have to deliver to your people is really the important part. Give yourself a break. Allow yourself to be human. Accept the fact that the world already knows that you look like. If you look like a sweat head, like I do, all summer long, well, the cats out of the bag. Everybody knows because they see you sweating your head off and hiding it from a Facebook live isn’t doing anybody any favors.

Whatever is holding you back from delivering that message to your audience, GET OVER IT. Get over yourself. 

Go do a Facebook live on your Facebook page. Not just to help grow your business, but because your audience needs you. You got this, sweat head and all. 

Looking for Facebook Live Ideas?

Save Time and Get Organized with This Simple Facebook Tool

Quick Tip to Save Facebook Posts for Later

How often do you see a video on Facebook but you can't turn the sound on to watch? Or, you see a post and want to remember it for later (like a recipe or maybe a post your competitor is doing...)? 

This happens to me all.the.time! The way I get around that (and feel organized AND save time) is to save those videos and/or posts for later. 

Facebook knows this is a common problem and they have a solution. Perhaps you already know about this and use it. But, in case you don't - I thought I'd share. 

You can see this in action on the video above (and I even include some awkward examples on mobile) or check it here:

Step 1: Find a post you want to save for later. 

In this example we've got a post from Today's Homeowner. This screenshot shows you the three little dots that appear in the upper right corner of the post. This works the same on the Facebook app as it does on desktop. 

Step 2: Save the post.

So, you clicked the three little dots as displayed above. Then, all you have to do is select "Save video". If it's not a video post - then it will say Save post. It works exactly the same.

Step 3: When you have time, access your saved stuff.

If you're on a desktop/laptop/computer, on the left side of your Facebook feed, about halfway down the menu you'll see the Explore option. Saved shows up at the top of my list. Click on that and you'll be taken to all your saved stuff. 

You can create categories in your Saved section if you really wanted to organize your stuff. But, I find that takes more time and dedication than I'm willing to give to the cause. I just want my videos when I want them! 

How does this save time?

This one is going to be up to you. If all of your time is maximized now, you'll just feel more organized and have access to your saved stuff when you allocate time. 

Personally, I like to watch my saved videos while I'm making breakfast. You could watch them while you're on the treadmill. Lots of options! 

I hope this simple tip was helpful for you! If you have any questions or feedback, you're welcome to message me at

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Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook

How To Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook

How to Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook 

Have you ever wondered exactly how real estate agents are getting leads on Facebook? In this video, we take you behind the scenes, directly into the Ads Manager, of Shane Torres! Shane's team sells more than 200 homes a year and Facebook leads are one of their top lead generation pillars.

Shane follows a very easy format on all of his ads which is a great example. You don't have to re-create the wheel on every ad - just get your message out there. 

You've heard the saying "Done is better than perfect"? And, while we all would appreciation perfection, getting some marketing DONE is going to result in more sales opportunities for us!

One of the best tips from this video is using the "Suggestions" for narrowing your audience. There's a lot of opportunity to test each audience to see if any outperform the rest. But, if you're just getting started with your real estate Facebook ads, then put ALL the suggestions in the audience. 

Pro Tip:

Don't include suggestions that would include agents. For example: Zillow/Trulia Premier Agent, or Pro, or National Association of Realtors. These suggestions are going to be primarily real estate AGENTS. And agents aren't likely to be a LEAD on your ad. Sure, they might sell the house to their buyer, but your goal is to generate leads. 

Ultimately, your goal is to generate real estate leads on Facebook so ANY ad you run should be focused on that goal. You'll want to incorporate a Facebook Ads strategy in your annual marketing plan and then test it until you find the ads that work best for you! And, if you're looking for additional Facebook Ads training, check out Savvy Agent Club which has several tech trainings available!

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How to Set a Dropbox Link to Automatically Download

How to Set a Dropbox Link to Automatically Download

Using cloud storage in real estate can be confusing for our customers. Here’s how to set a Dropbox link to automatically download.

Whenever I learn about a new hack or something that’s going to save me time or make my client’s experience a little better, I try to pass that info on to you! This was from a Facebook live and I think you’re going to like this Dropbox hack.

This hack is courtesy of my buddy Dara Sklar, who is phenomenal about all things digital organization. 

First, when would use this hack?

Do you ever do a CMA in PDF form and email that to a client?

Great example, I save everything, including my CMAs in Dropbox. Some CMA’s have a large file size. If you use RPR then you know the Sellers Report is usually 70+ pages.  And, that’s just a little much to print.

Anyway, I like to share my CMA’s electronically. So, I save them in Dropbox in the presentation folder for that particular client, and then copy the Dropbox link and paste it on an email to share with them.

Well, when you share it like that, it opens up in a folder or takes them to the Dropbox link on their computer.

But, here’s the hack!

If you change the number at the very end of that Dropbox link, so the link shows a 1 instead of a 0, then the file automatically opens when the end user gets the link and clicks on it. The last two characters of the Dropbox link are usually =0. So, just update that to =1 and it will auto download. Like magic! 

I love this Dropbox hack because sometimes it’s kind of confusing for people who don’t use Dropbox or are not familiar with it and they’re like, “Oh. What is this Internet thing that this real estate agent is taking me to?” So, by making that one simple change with this awesome Dropbox hack, you have just made your client’s life a little bit easier. (Although if you’re sending them an 80-page CMA, maybe not so easy after all??)

That’s the hack. Just change your shared Dropbox link, the very last character from a zero to a one and it automatically opens for the person who opens up that link.

Thanks again to Dara for sharing this tip! If you’d like to hear what she has to say in regard to SEO, you can tune in here. 

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