April 19

How to Set a Dropbox Link to Automatically Download


Using cloud storage in real estate can be confusing for our customers. Here’s how to set a Dropbox link to automatically download.

Whenever I learn about a new hack or something that’s going to save me time or make my client’s experience a little better, I try to pass that info on to you! This was from a Facebook live and I think you’re going to like this Dropbox hack.

This hack is courtesy of my buddy Dara Sklar, who is phenomenal about all things digital organization. 

First, when would use this hack?

Do you ever do a CMA in PDF form and email that to a client?

Great example, I save everything, including my CMAs in Dropbox. Some CMA’s have a large file size. If you use RPR then you know the Sellers Report is usually 70+ pages.  And, that’s just a little much to print.

Anyway, I like to share my CMA’s electronically. So, I save them in Dropbox in the presentation folder for that particular client, and then copy the Dropbox link and paste it on an email to share with them.

Well, when you share it like that, it opens up in a folder or takes them to the Dropbox link on their computer.

But, here’s the hack!

If you change the number at the very end of that Dropbox link, so the link shows a 1 instead of a 0, then the file automatically opens when the end user gets the link and clicks on it. The last two characters of the Dropbox link are usually =0. So, just update that to =1 and it will auto download. Like magic! 

I love this Dropbox hack because sometimes it’s kind of confusing for people who don’t use Dropbox or are not familiar with it and they’re like, “Oh. What is this Internet thing that this real estate agent is taking me to?” So, by making that one simple change with this awesome Dropbox hack, you have just made your client’s life a little bit easier. (Although if you’re sending them an 80-page CMA, maybe not so easy after all??)

That’s the hack. Just change your shared Dropbox link, the very last character from a zero to a one and it automatically opens for the person who opens up that link.

Thanks again to Dara for sharing this tip! If you’d like to hear what she has to say in regard to SEO, you can tune in here. 

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