September 10

Savvy Agent Time Management Tip


Real Estate agents can combat the common “not enough time in the day” problem with this Savvy Agent Time Management tip. 

Time management is something every real estate agent struggles with. In this video (from a Facebook live) I’m sharing a tip I recently learned and implemented – it might help you dial down some of the craziness in your work life!

If you’ve listened to Calls with Chris Smith, then you’ve possibly heard this tip. But, it’s a good one and worth repeating!

The BEST time management tip for real estate agents – TURN OFF YOUR TEXT MESSAGE NOTIFICATIONS.

Seriously. Turn them off.

It’s possible you think this advice is scary, but I promise you – you’re not going to miss anything. Let’s face some facts – you’re already connected to that phone 24/7 anyway, aren’t you? So, if you’re constantly ON the phone, why not just answer those text messages when you have time to deal with them? If something is on fire, they’ll CALL you.

If you’re not ready to take the leap into turning off your text message notifications:

Then you should at least turn off your Facebook notifications. Baby steps into getting your time back!

Then, once you’ve adapted to life without constant Facebook notifications, you should try turning off ALL app notifications. Say goodbye to the little red dots that just increase your stress level anyway!

Finally, when you’re ready to graduate to full time management freedom (well, from your phone anyway) then turn off the text message notifications. Personally, I’ve had my text notifications turned off for about a year. It’s glorious. Never one regret. Not one.

Try it and let me know what you think!

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