October 21

Tips for Realtors to Manage Their Email Inbox


Before you throw away your computer in pure email frustration, we’ve got some pro tips to share for Realtors to manage their email inbox.

Whenever I learn about a new hack or something that’s going to save me time or make my client’s experience a little better, I try to pass that info on to you! This was from a Facebook live and I think you’re going to like these tips from Realtors to manage their email inbox. 


A few people mentioned Unroll.me as a solution they use. This service is free. Once you sign up and they run their magic on your inbox you’ll see a list of all your subscription emails and you can select what you want to unsubscribe. 


Some others recommended Sanebox. This organization has a lunch box theme and you can choose your plan based on if you need Snack size, Lunch size or Dinner size. Prices vary from $59/year to $299/year. These were the prices at the time this post was published. OR, you can pay monthly with prices varying from $7 to $36 a month. 

Once you sign up, Sanebox runs their algorithm on your email. It will decide what’s important and what’s not. The emails that are designated as unimportant will be relegated to a SaneLater email folder. If you find important emails going to your SaneLater folder, you can quickly correct that so they go to your inbox. I believe there are reminders set periodically to let you know when you’ve got unanswered messages. 

DIY Delete

Several agents said they just delete the emails they don’t want to see – that it’s faster than a service. If they really don’t want to get the junk emails anymore they will manually unsubscribe. One agent even saves these emails for those evenings when she can’t get to sleep – and unsubscribes all at once. The satisfaction must be calming to help her sleep! 

Are you sending junk?

Knowing that we get an insane amount of unnecessary email makes me think about the types of emails WE are sending to our clients and prospects? Are you sending emails that are JUNK? We try to be intentional with every email we send to ensure that the content is going to matter to the person we send it to. And, I think everyone would benefit from completing an email audit to make sure you’re sending the highest quality emails and not sending crap that people hate. 

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