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What's Working Now - And What's Not Working

Recently I recorded this review of what's working in my real estate business for members of Savvy Agent Club and then I thought podcast listeners might like it too!

So here you go - what's working in my business (and what's not).

My business is quite possibly dramatically different than yours but I always find it interesting to hear the inside scoop in someone else's business, and their evaluation thought process.

Sometimes we only think about the BIG things - when really it's a lot of LITTLE things that add up.

The Club isn't taking new members at the moment, but I am doing a free workshop on how to get more repeat business and referrals from people you already know.

It's in the early stages so if you'd like to register for it (and get a replay) email me at podcast@savvyagent.co and I'll send you the link.

For more information on Savvy Agent please visit https://savvyagent.co.

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