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better facebook ads strategy

Real Estate Agents Need a Better Facebook Ads Strategy

Real Estate Agents Need a Better Facebook Ads Strategy

This was a Facebook Live video done on the Savvy Agent FB page

Some background:

So, I was on a call with a couple of agents earlier this week and they’re spending pretty decent money with Facebook doing some lead generation ads, I assume, or I guess I shouldn’t assume because it sounded like they didn’t really know what they were doing. One of the real estate agents said, “Well, how do I know if my ads are working? I’m spending $1500 a month, how do I know if it’s working?”

There are many different answers to that question.

This particular person had a marketing person that was in charge of that. The answer for her was, “You need to go to your marketing person and have them explain what the strategy is and if it’s working.”

Personally, I don’t spend $1500 a month on Facebook ads. Actually, I have three or four ads running right now, just promoting listings. It’s a really simple strategy. In the last seven days, I’ve gotten 97 leads and I’ve spent $58.65. That’s pretty good return for the money spent.

But my strategy on that ad is very simple. The ad is basically exactly what I wrote on the MLS listing and it takes them to my IDX website. So, when the visitor is on my website, if they look at more than one picture, it forces them to register. Forced registration and I have their contact info!

Never spend money for someone to go nowhere.

In order for that ad to be profitable, and for me to say, “Yes, my Facebook ads are working,” then I need to get something for that ad.

Before you start any ad campaign, you need to know what you want in the end.

  • Do you want to get people to go to your website?
  • What do you want them to do once they’re on your website?
  • Do you want them to join a buyers group that you have on Facebook?
  • Do you want them to download a guide?
  • What is your ultimate goal?

In this example, my goal was super simple: I want leads on my listings for my team to work.

But, the other agent that we were talking to said, “Well, you know, I do videos, I do this, that, blah, blah, blah.” (Blah’s inserted to abbreviate the conversation.)

Also, she wasn’t really sure of what her overall strategy was. I said, “Oh my God, you have got to stop.” And then I drew a terrible picture. And that terrible picture looked, well, frankly, like female anatomy. It looked like Fallopian tubes!

In the video above, I pre-drew the picture so it’s a much better drawing. This is essentially a funnel: 

Better Facebook Ads Strategy

Not to be confused with a funnel cake, but it’s a SALES funnel.

A sales funnel is essentially the process of you getting strangers into your sales funnel and moving them down the sales pipeline to ultimately buying real estate. This sales funnel is going to be what helps you have a better Facebook ads strategy. It works for all advertising strategies too – not just Facebook ads. 

For example, think of strangers being above the sales funnel. All the people in the world that don’t know you are outside the top of your funnel. So, maybe you upload a real estate video to your Facebook business page.

You want people to watch the video because you want to show them that you’re amazing, naturally. In this example, you would target cold traffic to get people INTO the top of your sales funnel. And, because the people who already know you deserve a different message, right? It’s all in the strategy.

What do you do with someone once they watch a video?

Well, you don’t just forget them. You want them in a video views audience. Then you can serve them another ad after they watch the video. 

And that’s how it goes. You serve another ad to that audience and move them further down the funnel. The whole point is to get strangers into your sales funnel (or what I like to call the circle of trust) and the people interested in doing business with are pushed to the bottom of the sales funnel when they make a purchase. The funnel gets smaller toward the bottom because not every person that gets into your funnel is going to turn into a sale.

And, it’s possible that someone who enters your funnel in 2018 might buy or sell a house with you in 2022. But, you have to have a good strategy to stay at the top of their mind for when they’re ready to do business with you.  

A simple sales funnel example:

Ad 1 – Serve your video as an ad to a cold audience (strangers).

Ad 2 – Then, anyone that watched at least 25% of your video you’re going to serve them a home value ad.

So, if they watch 25% of your initial real estate video, then that might be a sign they’re pretty interested in real estate. Then you want to serve them a very specific ad that has the opportunity for them to take action. In this case we used a home value ad. Once they register with your home value ad – you’ve got their contact info and you’ll work them until they sell! (Or at least put them on a drip campaign.)

This is a pay to play world.

Be strategic with your sales funnel and how you’re going to get them further down the pipeline. Now, of course, not everybody’s going to make it to the bottom of the funnel, so that’s why it gets a little bit smaller, but you can get so much more targeted as you get closer to this buying decision part of the funnel. Once you have this strategy in place, then you can actually say with confidence whether or not you know if you Facebook ads are working.

Today, I have a very simple strategy because I was too lazy to set up a complicated funnel. And well, frankly, maybe it’s not even me being lazy. Maybe it’s just that I’m so darn busy, all I had time for was to throw up those ads.

I want leads on my listings.

Just like you and every other real estate agent out there. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s effective. I can say that 97 leads for less than $60 in seven days is worth the money.

Before you give Facebook any more money… actually, this rule actually applies for everything.

Before you give Google AdWords money…

Before you give ANY VENDOR any money, make sure you know what you want in return for that money. And then you have something to judge the performance by. You have your baseline expectation and with a little more experience, you’ll have cost per lead, cost per sale, you’ll figure all of those things out. 

The very basic minimum thing that you have to have…

…is a strategy of what you want to happen. Then, you can grade your performance and know ultimately if that money is worth your time or not. You can get a lot more advanced and nerdy about the numbers later, but please: If you don’t know if your ads are working, STOP.

Stop spending that money right now or talk to the marketing person who’s in charge of those ads. Somebody knows. And if that somebody is supposed to be you, shut the ads down and think through it, look at the numbers. You’re a business owner and you deserve to know that your money is being spent wisely so that you know if you should spend more of it or not.

We teach a lot about funnels in Savvy Agent Club. But, if you make sure you have a STRATEGY before spending any advertising dollars, that’s half the battle right there.

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free real estate leads

Get Free Real Estate Leads with Customer Reviews

Get Free Real Estate Leads with Customer Reviews!

Love it or hate it, people are visiting Zillow when they’re in the research phase of their real estate journey. They might be scoping their competition, or they might be looking for an agent. If you don’t have a presence on Zillow, you’re missing out on the potential of getting FREE real estate leads. 

Reasons why I think everyone should collect reviews on their Zillow profile: 

  1. It’s FREE! You don’t have to be a Premier Agent or pay Zillow any money to have reviews.
  2. Zillow is going to get more website visitors than your website, so why not capitalize it?
  3. People will message you directly because they loved your reviews. (Hello, FREE real estate leads?!?!) 
  4. Your competition probably isn’t going to put as much effort into it as you, so you’ll have an edge. 

You can, and should, get reviews from these types of clients:

  1. Past clients
  2. People that bought FSBO or some other way without you
  3. People that you showed properties to, but decided not to make a move
  4. Your friends that benefited from your free real estate advice

And, if you can think of anyone else, you should totally ask for a review! 

Maybe you’ve gotten out of touch with your database. 

Why not re-engage with them with a “hey, I was in your neighborhood the other day and thought of you” message? Then, when they respond, ask for the review. This is a double win because you’re reminding someone you once worked with how amazing you are, and then when you get a review, perfect strangers will also see how awesome you are. Which results in FREE real estate leads. (Isn’t that awesome?)

Make getting a review part of your closing system.

We talk about reviews at the very beginning of our relationship with people so they know that this ask is coming at the end. And, when you time it right, they’re usually quite happy to write a glowing review. 

But, does it have to be Zillow? 

You can collect reviews on other sites like Facebook, Google, and I’m sure many others. The key is to get the reviews – and get a lot of them. It’s best if they’re housed somewhere that gets a lot of real estate traffic already so you can get some traction with your reviews. Having the most reviews on isn’t going to help when you get 7 website visits a month. 

Recycle those reviews!

Finally, you can always copy/paste the reviews you’ve received on Zillow (or any other site) to your own website. So, no matter how someone gets to your website, you’ve got the social proof of your awesomeness at their fingertips! Often times those free real estate leads are going to research the heck out of you so having a solid website in addition to awesome reviews is going to give them more incentive to contact you. 
How many reviews do you have today?

Why not set a goal to get 25 more reviews by the end of 2018? 

You can totally do it!

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Using Feng Shui to Sell Your Listings

Using Feng Shui to Sell Your Listings

When you’re at your wits end…

…with a listing that just will not sell, no matter what you do then this post is for you. Ivy Ellerby of Feng Shui It! shared her tips on using feng shui to sell your listings. 

You won’t be surprised to know that her top tips include de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter, and CLEAN. 

But, sometimes it’s not a clutter/clean situation. Sometimes you need to address the energy of the home. And, that’s where feng shui can make a difference! 


Mention you watched this video on Savvy Agent and get a FREE 20 minute consultation from Ivy. Contact her HERE.

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Why Every Real Estate Agent MUST Know Their ROI

Why Every Real Estate Agent MUST Know Their ROI

Why Every Real Estate Agent Must Know Their ROI


Are you wasting your advertising dollars?

Do you even know?

When was the last time you checked your ROI?

If this is your first time here, Hi <img draggable= I’m Heather with Savvy Agent. Running your real estate business LIKE a business owner is really important to me. So, let’s take a second and talk about return on investment, which is what ROI stands for.

If you’re spending any money on your real estate business, it’s important for you to evaluate your ROI periodically.

Are you getting the value for the money that you’re spending? If you’re spending a significant amount of money, like on advertising dollars, well that value translates into return on investment, or ROI.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because my friends at Zillow, are making a lot of changes to the Premier Agent program. That has a lot of agents sort of up in arms thinking, “Oh my gosh. You know, things are changing. Is this going to be worth my money? We get fewer leads now than we did five years ago.” So on and so forth.

It’s certainly not a moment to be bashing on Zillow. (Don’t take this the wrong way.) But, it’s just smart business owners saying, “Hey, I pay this company money, and I want to make sure that I am making a return on my investment.”

So, how do you figure out your ROI?

Well, you take your net profit, divide by your total investment, times 100. And, you’ll get a number that represents your ROI percentage.

For example, let’s say you spend $1,000 a month on a lead source. That means for nine months this year you would have spent $9,000. And let’s say you have seven sales with a gross commission year to date of $36,750, but your broker has a split arrangement with you where your broker takes 15% of your gross commission, leaving you with $31,238.

(If you’re a team leader, at this point, you would also take out your buyer agent split, because that comes from your bottom line.)

But for this example, we’re a single agent and $31,238 is our net commission. We take that divided by $9,000 (our total investment in the lead source) and take the 3.47 result times 100 to get 347% ROI.

Personally, I like to work with that 3.47 number because I know for every dollar I spend I’m going to make almost three and a half dollars on this lead source, and that’s my ROI, 3.5X. (I rounded up there, you see?)

Once you’ve figured out the ROI for your lead pillars for the advertising dollars you’re spending, then it’s time to make important business decisions.

Are you getting the value that you expected to get?

Is it time to cancel?

Do you need to call your rep to say, “Hey, this is not what I expected it to be. What’s going wrong? How can I fix this?”

Maybe your rep can give you tips on how to convert the leads better, get more leads, or nurture them.

Perhaps you have systems that could use improvement. 

Are you actually following up on those leads? If not, why invest in the first place?

So, that’s how you calculate your ROI.

Take all of that into consideration as you make smart business decisions on whether or not you should continue spending your advertising dollars the way you currently are or if you should invest more, invest less, or invest in something else.

And if tracking your sales and tracking your expenses is not something you’re currently doing, so when you watch this video, you’re like, “What? How am I supposed to do any of that?” that’s okay. I have a freebie right here so you can access my very favorite numbers tracker spreadsheet, which will help you get on the fast track to better accounting.

It’s actually a course in Savvy Agent Club called Accounting is Sexy. So, just think of that as you’re tracking your numbers and counting your money, because accounting is sexy, because money is sexy.

And when you don’t have money because you’ve made poor business decisions by wasting advertising dollars because you didn’t track your ROI, well, that is definitely not sexy at all. So, download that freebie. If you have any questions, you can comment on this post or you can email me, Thanks for tuning in, I hope you have a profitable rest of your day!


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How to Stay in Touch with Your Database - Without Making Calls!

How to Stay in Touch with Your Database – Without Making Calls!

How to Stay in Touch with Your Database – Without Making Calls!

I know, it sounds like a dream come true which must mean it’s NOT true. But really, this is such a simple, yet fantastic way to stay in touch with your database – without making calls! Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Revi Mendelsohn, of The Mendelsohn Group, at Rodeo Realty in Beverly Hills, 90210. (Sorry, I can’t help but add the zip code!)

But, back to business…

Revi runs a business that runs purely on referrals. Of course, recurring business from her database, but also referrals from past clients, sphere of influence AND other real estate agents. She uses Facebook to stay in touch with her database, but she does it in an old fashioned way. Check it out:

Common questions:

Does it freak people out that you’re sending them a card with their own pictures on it? 

NO! One person out of 1200+ has had an issue with it. Most people love it because it’s so unique and personal. Most people only have digital pictures so sending a printed picture on a card gives them something to hold onto for a long time. But, you also don’t have to use their pictures – you can just send a regular card.

Side effect: People will post a picture of the card she sends to social media – and that generates interest in her and her business!


Does it take a ton of time? 

It takes as much time as you want to invest. You can certainly go down a rabbit hole when you’re getting started or designing something, but it’s not required at all. Basically, you could spend the least amount of time possible to upload your contacts, scan Facebook periodically for special dates, and send out the cards. You can even have your assistant or VA handle this task for you.


Is it very expensive? 

No. Send Out Cards has a FREE plan which is great to try it out and get your feet wet. There are three other pricing plans depending on your monthly needs. We talk about those at 29:21 in the video.


Can I use it in a drip campaign? 

YES! Revi shows us examples of how she has campaigns that automatically send out anniversary cards. You can also set it up to send cards at a certain frequency with different subjects. The first few months after buying a house is a great example, but you could customize it for other occasions/milestones as well.


My favorite part…

You can send BROWNIES with your card. Honestly, this makes me so happy! I had a referral from a past client and wanted to test the Send Out Cards system. Sent them a package of 8 brownies which was a little expensive on the free plan. If I had the $97 plan, I think I would probably send more brownies – and more likely in 2 packs which are more reasonably priced. (I mean, the brownies are good, but let’s not go crazy.)

But, maybe you wanted to send a gift card, and not an edible treat like brownies. NO PROBLEM. You can buy that $25 gift card for a small handling fee – which is competitive with Walgreens. You’ll pay less for the card than a Hallmark at Walgreen’s too!


To sum it up

I could talk about Send Out Cards with Revi for a long time. And, this was a long chat at 1 hour and 15 minutes. But, it’s filled with gold marketing tips that you can use in your business, whether or not you use Send Out Cards. If you wanted to try Send Out Cards, you can use Revi’s affiliate link (she’ll get a small commission if you spend any money, so that’s cool!).

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Real Estate: Your Customer's Journey to Buying a House

Real Estate: Your Customer’s Journey to Buying a House

Real Estate: Your Customer’s Journey to Buying a House

Recently, I was on a mastermind call where we discussed how we (we=real estate agents as a whole) have a tendency to talk to leads as though they’re in decision making mode.

Which got me to thinking – if they’re not in decision making mode, where are they?

Statistics show that an online lead takes 12-18 months from when they first start looking at homes online to actually reaching out to a real estate agent. BUT, does that mean they’re in decision mode?


Real Estate: Your Customer's Journey to Buying a House


All transactions start with an idea.

Which moves into research, definitely weighing the pros and the cons of making a move, etc., etc., until your client decides to connect with an agent and make a plan.

Then, they’re really serious and you start moving toward that fateful day when they sign a contract.

What would happen if you talked to your leads as if they were in the idea stage? How would your communication be different?

Are you asking them over and over if they want to go look at houses this weekend – and getting no response?

What if you gave them an answer to a question they might be thinking about in the research stage?

For example, could they be wondering how much money you actually have to have to buy a house?

I’ll bet you know many different answers to that question! So, why don’t you email them and give them the answer? Brilliant!

Do that over, and over and over.

Even if that person never wondered about down payment, or whatever question you answer, you’re providing value and PROVING that you’re awesome. So, when the time is right for them to reach out – of course they’re going to call you!

Save each response you send and after a short time you’ll have a library of VALUE-PACKED canned emails you can tailor to any lead and help generate a response (that will lead to more sales)! And, when it comes to Real Estate: Your Customer’s Journey to Buying a House, you now have a clear idea how to reach them in different stages.

Attract your PERFECT client with this Savvy Agent FREEBIE:

Are You Being Intentional Or Boring?

Are You Being Intentional Or Boring?

Any time you’re thinking about marketing to your database, you want to ask yourself, “are you being intentional or boring?” This is a good rule to follow with any type of content, marketing, email, or even social media posts.

A little backstory…

Recently, I met with a local agent for a poolside chat about getting organized in real estate. Yep, we were by the pool. Because how can you get some pool time in when you’re a real estate agent and an entrepreneur? Poolside chats!

Are you being intentional or boring? 

Work + Play = Balance, right?

Anyway, she was describing a moment I’m sure we’ve all had… you’re sitting at your computer, doing your thing, and all of a sudden you wonder “OMG, should I be sending out a newsletter?!?!” 

(Side note – don’t wonder those things! Make a marketing plan for the month (or better yet the year) and stick to it. You’ll stop having these bright shiny moments that get you off track.) 

My response:

Why do you need a newsletter when you can send an email from YOU (vs a newsletter service) that provides some sort of value to your audience?

One easy way to provide value is to send a round up of your best content that week. For example, did you post anything on Instagram or Facebook this week about your local area? Some ideas:

  • Something about a farmers market
  • The best place for fireworks this weekend
  • Where to get the most amazing raspberries
Are you being intentional or boring? 

mmmm, raspberries!

That’s good content!

You don’t need to pay a service for a boring newsletter. Remember that 20 other agents in your market will send the same exact newsletter. Ew, how boring! Instead, you can send an intentional email! And an intentional email with good content is providing VALUE.

Remember to include a link back to your Facebook page so you benefit from their future likes and engagement. Their engagement will give you better future organic traffic AND great re-targeting options. Yeah! But best of all, your audience will benefit from all of your awesome posts.

I would mix fun stuff, local stuff and maybe ONE real estate thing (you should do a Facebook live with YOUR #1 curb appeal tip!). 

Remember to be intentional. People will appreciate it so much more than a canned newsletter that isn’t really sharing anything great.

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Save Time and Get Organized with This Simple Facebook Tool

Quick Tip to Save Facebook Posts for Later

How often do you see a video on Facebook but you can't turn the sound on to watch? Or, you see a post and want to remember it for later (like a recipe or maybe a post your competitor is doing...)? 

This happens to me all.the.time! The way I get around that (and feel organized AND save time) is to save those videos and/or posts for later. 

Facebook knows this is a common problem and they have a solution. Perhaps you already know about this and use it. But, in case you don't - I thought I'd share. 

You can see this in action on the video above (and I even include some awkward examples on mobile) or check it here:

Step 1: Find a post you want to save for later. 

In this example we've got a post from Today's Homeowner. This screenshot shows you the three little dots that appear in the upper right corner of the post. This works the same on the Facebook app as it does on desktop. 

Step 2: Save the post.

So, you clicked the three little dots as displayed above. Then, all you have to do is select "Save video". If it's not a video post - then it will say Save post. It works exactly the same.

Step 3: When you have time, access your saved stuff.

If you're on a desktop/laptop/computer, on the left side of your Facebook feed, about halfway down the menu you'll see the Explore option. Saved shows up at the top of my list. Click on that and you'll be taken to all your saved stuff. 

You can create categories in your Saved section if you really wanted to organize your stuff. But, I find that takes more time and dedication than I'm willing to give to the cause. I just want my videos when I want them! 

How does this save time?

This one is going to be up to you. If all of your time is maximized now, you'll just feel more organized and have access to your saved stuff when you allocate time. 

Personally, I like to watch my saved videos while I'm making breakfast. You could watch them while you're on the treadmill. Lots of options! 

I hope this simple tip was helpful for you! If you have any questions or feedback, you're welcome to message me at

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real estate seo

Real Estate SEO: 3 Free Ways to Get More Website Traffic

Real Estate SEO: 3 Free Ways to Get More Website Traffic

If you’re a real estate agent, you know that exposure is important. In this Facebook Live replay, you’ll learn all about real estate SEO. AND, you’ll learn 3 FREE ways to get more website traffic. Seriously, they’re free.


Watch the Replay!

Free Tip #1

Update your FREE google business listing. Click here to setup and/or reclaim your business listing. 

What do you include in the google business listing? 

  • check
    Your Name 
  • check
    Your Brokerage Name
  • check
    What you do. For example, "residential real estate"
  • check
    Where you do it. For example, ...residential real estate "in {your area}"
  • check
    Any other keyword you might want to be found under. 

Free Tip #2

Use SEO in your social media profiles. 

  • check
    Include your brokerage name, what you do, where you do and other keywords in your social media profile (see free tip #1 for details)
  • check
    Create pages specific to an area to attract search engine traffic. For example, instead of a business page for Jane Doe, Realtor - you might create a business page for Chicago Real Estate. Or, First Time Homeowners in Chicago. 

Free Tip #3

Give your website an SEO boost!

  • check
    Add the areas you work to your agent profile. Include other keywords that are commonly searched for by your target audience.  
  • check
    Write blog posts that are keyword driven to generate traffic for specific areas. For example, "The Most Expensive Condos for Sale in Chicago" or "Top 10 Reasons You Should Live in Lincoln Park" or "Best Dog Parks in Logan Square"
  • check
    Have a separate section on your site (or a completely different site...aka "farm site") for the areas you work. Optimize your keywords so users will find your page/site about Logan Square or Lincoln Park when doing an internet search. 
What Kind of Real Estate Agent Do You Want to Be?

What Kind of Real Estate Agent Do You Want to Be?

When you think about what kind of real estate agent you want to be, you can be the flame throwing agent that blows all situations up. OR, you can be the agent that exercises some grace.

Sometimes, we all need a little grace. We need to give ourselves grace.

Have you heard of the golden rule? Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. We could use more of this in real estate and you have total control over how you handle situations. So, will you be the agent with grace, or the flame throwing agent?  

I recorded a video on this (below) and wrote the text in this post separate from the email. Sooo, the words below don't necessarily match what you'll hear in the video, but the concept is the same. If you prefer to watch/listen, have at it. If you'd rather read, just scroll below the video. 

Do you ever feel like a complete failure because you're not perfect? Because your sales weren't as good as someone else's? 

Give yourself some grace. {If you're not sure what I mean by grace, you can read up on the definition here.}

You're not perfect. I'm not perfect. NO ONE IS PERFECT. 

So, give yourself some grace. It is OK that you're not perfect. It's OK that you're learning the real estate business and becoming a better agent every day. 

And, you might also think about your colleagues and how THEY might also deserve some grace. Honestly, this world would be a better place if WE ALL gave people a little more grace. It's so simple! 

For example...

For example, let's say that you have a listing contract with a seller. The listing is on the MLS, the house is for sale and you're just doing your thing waiting for an offer.

Out of the blue, your seller contacts you - and they're upset.

Turns out, they were interviewing other agents before they decided to hire you. Ok, that's normal. But, one of the agents they interviewed was the agent that helped them buy the house. And, that agent thought the seller was going to list with them.

Naturally, the seller didn't even tell the other agent they didn't get the job. Oops. So, when the other agent sees their house listed on the MLS, they have a knee jerk reaction and send your seller a text. 

"I just saw your house is listed for sale on the MLS and I am so surprised because I thought we were working together. I'm so confused, my feelings are hurt - can you please tell me what I did to lose your business?"


Turns out the seller is upset by this message and they're contacting you to make it all better. (Isn't that what we do? Make it all better...)

So, what do you do? 

I think about the sellers. I'm not sure why they're so upset (obviously, they could have avoided this by simple communication) but they are. Perhaps they don't know what to say to the other agent. Maybe they're worried they did something wrong by choosing to list with you. Who knows?

Regardless of whether or not the other agent should have sent your seller a message... they did. And, now it's your problem to resolve. So, whatcha gonna do? 

Honestly, it's SO easy to be the person that throws gasoline on the fire. If the seller is upset, maybe you want to validate their feelings and agree "how dare that agent contact you?!??!" or "we should file a complaint!", but does that truly accomplish anything? 

AND, if you do use your flame thrower, I wonder how that seller is going to feel when the situation has passed. Will they feel like they wasted some time and energy on something that's sort of silly in the first place? Will they wonder why you let them get so riled up? What will they think about you then?

So, you could stay calm. And think through the situation. What is the other agent really trying to accomplish? They probably just want to understand why they didn't get hired. There's no indication of anything else. (This is where you put yourself in their shoes and try to understand from their point of view.) Give them some grace. And consider how YOU would want to be treated if the tables were turned.  

Calm your sellers and offer some KIND ways that they can respond to the other agent. Talk them off the ledge and move forward. 

You're a SAVVY agent - you got this. 

Give the other agent some grace. Give your sellers some grace. Don't turn the situation into a big ol' emotional mess. There's going to be a lot of other REAL issues that might pop up and if you start the beginning of their experience with a shit storm over nothing - then I fear their overall experience is going to be poor.

And what if they blame that on you? Think about that. 

Remember, the point of this story is not who is right or wrong. It's not about who the better agent is. It's about how you handle inflamed situations and how just a little bit of grace, can give your client a better experience. It should make you a better agent and even a better leader.

So, what kind of real estate agent do you want to be? 

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