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It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to automate your social media marketing, generate leads online, and convert those leads to clients, so you can get back to selling homes (and making money)!

Savvy Agent Club is for real estate agents who want to grow their business and income. We will give you all the tools and resources you need to generate enough leads to make your sales goals come true!

NO contract. You may cancel at any time.

When it comes to selling homes,

you're the best agent in town!

But, when it comes to growing your business, you’ve hit a brick wall.

  • You've thought about hiring a coach, but they want to lock you into a contract for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars - with no guarantee!
  • You’ve been told that social media is where it’s at and you want to leverage that to build your business, but nothing seems to work.
  • You post your listings on the regular but don’t really get any leads.
  • You're boosting all your posts but only your agent friends in other states are liking them, and it's starting to feel like a giant waste of money. 
  • And, if you post something else, no matter what you say - your posts don’t get any attention.
  • You’re tired of the typical real estate roller coaster where you work to get leads, then work to get them under contract, then work to get them to closing, then find that you’re fresh out of leads and have to start it all over again!
  • Maybe you’ve even considered outsourcing your social media management, or your Facebook ad management, or thought about hiring a Marketing Coordinator. But, WOW - talk about expensive! 
  • And, there’s no guarantee any of those people would do a better job than you.
  • You’re tired of calling your friends and family begging for referrals.
  • And, the thought of door knocking to ask for business makes you want to crawl back into bed.
  • Your broker tells you not to worry, business will come. But, it's not the the brokerage's time or money you're wasting.

Here's the thing.

Marketing your business is totally different than marketing the homes you're trying to sell.

It’s overwhelming to figure out where to invest your money, how to get new leads, and how to build your brand presence (without burning through your savings!).

Your days are already jam-packed with managing multiple showings, coordinating weekend open houses, staying in touch with leads, and preparing for meetings and contract negotiations. So, it’s no wonder you don’t have time to stay in touch with your database. Or create an ad for buyer or seller leads. OR to post regularly on Facebook! And let's not even TALK about Instagram, where do you even START?! 

Something needs to change...

You've maxed out your personal network, and if you don't start getting traction with new lead sources, your real estate business is going to grind to a screeching halt. 

And that doesn't look good for your bank account.

Seriously, what will it cost if you DON'T solve this problem?

Let’s say you’ve been averaging 1 sale a month with an average commission of $6,000 and you want to DOUBLE your business this year. (Yeah, that would be awesome.)

But, how are you going to do that, exactly? If you don't find a solution to your leads problem, in this example you're missing out on $6,000 each month! 

How much money are you wasting if you

don't find a solution to this leads problem?


I struggled with content and would spend so much time and effort trying to find something to share outside of, "Hey, I have a new listing!". It was an absolute chore. Now, all I do is pull up Savvy Agent for something to post. Within a few minutes, it's done! Keep up the great work!

Angela Ousley Club Member

Let me help you.

Hi, I'm Heather Wright.

I remember when I first started selling real estate and my broker suggested I send a letter to everyone in my “circle of influence” to tell them that I was a brand new real estate agent.

But then nothing happened - I didn’t get any leads, let alone any sales from that!

He also suggested that I do as many open houses as possible.

That worked ok, but still I didn’t have enough leads, let alone sales for me to quit my full time job!

So, then I thought about getting a real estate coach. (And they’re not cheap!) I interviewed one that recommended I pick up the phone and call everyone I know. My friends, family, everyone - and ask them for referrals.

“Do you know anyone that is thinking about buying or selling real estate?”

No thanks. 

Now, I know making calls and asking for referrals works for a lot of people, but it’s not my style. I didn’t want to be the slimy salesperson that was always looking for my next check.

I had to do something, because sitting around waiting for the phone to ring was NOT working.

What I found was...

There are a LOT of ways to get leads.

Thinking about some of them gave me crazy anxiety (Hello, door knocking?). Getting screamed at by Expired's and FSBO’s wasn’t really fun either.

I discovered that I didn’t want to force people to choose me. I didn’t want to chase them down the street with 5 other agents, begging for business.

I wanted to ATTRACT leads.

I knew that once I had their attention, I could convert them to become a client and ultimately a sale.

I started my quest to attract leads on the wonderful world wide web. I spent gobs of money trying out every vendor that called me, no matter how terrible their sales pitch.


Some of these lead sources were terrible in that they provided ZERO leads. Some were terrible because they sent SO MANY leads, but they were either fake leads or they were impossible to connect with.


And then some lead sources were great because they sent leads that converted to a sale. Aggregate websites (Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com) were the best at this.

But, then that strategy caught on with my competition and soon every agent in town was advertising on ZRT - and I wasn’t getting as many leads, not to mention the cost started skyrocketing and conversion plummeted!


While I love generating leads, I’m still a business woman, so I always look at the cost per lead, cost per sale, ROI - all of it. And, paying such crazy high prices for leads from aggregate sites wasn’t working as well as it should. So, I’m constantly shifting resources to start attracting leads from other sources.

There is no ONE lead source that will work for everyone. There’s not even a lead source that’s guaranteed to work forever. I wish there was a magic pill to be successful in real estate, but unfortunately there’s not.

And that's when I learned...

The BEST strategy to get more leads included:

  • Having a layered marketing strategy
  • Using social media to nurture my leads
  • Giving the customer exactly what they want

And ​​​​it worked!​​​​

I had more leads than I could personally handle and I was starting to burn out. So, I grew a small real estate team and we are consistently in the top 5% of sales.

My friends in big cities laugh because my Midwestern town of Des Moines, IA, has a median sales price around $200,000. So, I always make sure to point out that we sell around 100 homes a year.

It takes a lot of lead generation to get those sales.

I’ve been in coaching organizations that cost upwards of $2,500 a month and would see other agents struggle trying to figure out the lead generation stuff. The worst is when I see an agent spending money on an ad that directs traffic to a site they don’t own. Or, my California Realtor friends that would be serving me an ad in Iowa - for their San Diego open house.

And that’s why I created Savvy Agent Club

You shouldn’t have to pay a coach $500-$1,000 a month (and definitely not $2,500!!!) and still make these expensive mistakes.

I made it my mission to help real estate agents fine tune their lead generation without wasting so much time and money.

And I wanted to make it affordable for everyone.

Every lead generation campaign is going to take time and money to invest. But, what I’ve created with Savvy Agent Club is a shortcut. I’ll teach you everything I know to help you cut out the time I invested in learning. You’ll have examples of ads to run, campaigns to create, ways to generate leads FOR FREE from social media. We even give you everything you need to post on your social media sites for a MONTH at a time!

Generating leads is just ONE step.

What are you going to do to nurture

that lead into a client and then a sale?

We offer a lot of great strategies to keep your leads (aka audience) warm in Savvy Agent Club. Real estate is a long game and we’ve got your back through it all.

Today's consumer is hard to reach. Savvy Agent Club helps you have an edge over your competition so you can easily generate leads, and spend the bulk of your time selling houses.


We've created a consistent and unique branding story that gets compliments from buyers and sellers, thanks to Heather (and Scott). The designs and marketing are polished and professional. I can attribute at least one listing taken exclusively for the quality of our materials. 

Susanne Casey Columbus, OH

So, what's inside the club?

Here's exactly what you'll get in Savvy Agent Club.

Tech Training

Each month we will release a new tech training that will teach you everything you need to know to master a lead generation strategy.

It might be as simple as the basics of Instagram to stay connected with people you know, to setting up your Facebook shop. We'll walk you through step by step instructions on the advanced stuff like setting up a chat bot to generate leads on a new listing or creating Facebook ads for seller leads.  

Business Planning

Every month we have a business planning call so you can schedule time to review your progress and identify changes you need to make to meet (or exceed!) your goals.

We will evaluate your lead generation strategies to determine if they’re working to the level you want. And, we’ll tell you how to make small changes to get big results.

Social Media Templates

Standing out from the competition on social media gets more challenging each day. And, we know you’re incredibly busy and may not have time to make social media a priority.

So, each month we’ll give you amazing social media templates (Facebook posts, Facebook Cover Photos, Instagram posts, even videos!) to help you promote your real estate business in smart, savvy ways.

Done for You - Social Media Posts

One of the best (and totally free) ways to stay top of mind with your existing audience is to post on social media. But, the key to beating all the algorithms is to get engagement from your fans/followers/audience!

So, we’ve created a month of social media posts with pictures and captions - done for you social media posts. We call these conversation starters because the point is to start a conversation. (And, believe it or not, they’re not anything about real estate!)

But WAIT, There's MORE!

Monthly Mastermind

Each month we’ll have a bonus mastermind call! Get an extra session on how to generate leads using a method taught in Savvy Agent Club. Hear from other agents on their experience and best practices that you can duplicate in your own business.

Ask questions, give insight and feedback, or just listen and absorb all the information in these mastermind sessions.


Our members-only Facebook group is your place to ask questions, network, and discover what’s working now for other Savvy Agents.

I’m active in this group, so you get access to me there too.

Sounds great! I want IN!

Four Things You Need to Know about
Savvy Agent Club...


Cut the Overwhelm

When you join Savvy Agent Club, you won’t have to worry about adding more tasks to your “to-do” list. We’re here to help you do less. For example, you’ll be able to schedule a month of social media content in under an hour with our ready-to-publish graphics and posts.  


Plus, our tech trainings are designed to give you exactly what you need in a short, sweet, and to the point way – with NO BS. Access what you need, when you need it, then go sell some houses!


Focus On What YOU Want

You don't have to do #allthethings. That's what's great about Savvy Agent Club! We encourage you to create a manageable business plan that fits the business YOU want to have. 

There's something for everyone in the Club. If you're most interested in the copy-and-paste social media graphics, but don't want to do the tech training – that's cool. You do YOU! We store all trainings and replays in the Club, so if you ever need them, we've got you covered.


Pick Your Platform

When it comes to social media, we believe less is more. So, you don't have to be on ALL the social media platforms. We encourage you to choose what works best for your real estate business. And, we give you permission to not worry about the rest. 

We offer tech trainings on several social media platforms and many of the principles used are similar.  Our images are optimized for ALL social media platforms, so it's up to you where you choose to use them. 


NO Annoying Contracts

We think membership contracts are archaic and annoying. You deserve to have the freedom of choice!

When you join Savvy Agent Club, you're not under any contract at all.

We promise that your price will NEVER change as long as you remain a member. And you're allowed to cancel at any time. But, we're sure you'll be hooked after one month!

What Others Say


Heather is a great resource for agents. Whether it's a quick technical question, a "how-to" tip or some fun graphics to use on social media. She's engaging and responsive and has been an asset to my business. She provides true value to agents.

Jennifer Keenan
Cambridge, MA


Whenever I'm considering investing in a new technology or marketing strategy, I'll check in with Heather to get her thoughts. She has a unique way of looking at things from a consumer perspective that is sometimes hard for an agent to notice.

Craig Smyser

 Austin, TX

It's all up to YOU.

You’re at the point of decision. You can either continue down the path of least resistance and continue getting the same results. Or, you can choose the savvy path and change your business. We know this will pay off in spades. Why stay the same when you can take small steps to having an amazing real estate business? Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome with Savvy Agent Club.

When you join today, you’ll be guaranteed the low price of $37/month as long as you’re a member. We will never increase your price. And, you're not locked into an annoying contract. Try it out and you can cancel at any time. But, we think you’re going to love it!

Fast Track Your Lead Generation, with Savvy Agent Club, TODAY!

For just $37 a month!

NO contract, cancel any time.

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