Real Estate Overwhelm...

It’s Real.

Stop Chasing Your To-Do List and Start Working a System

  • Create the business you love*
  • Attract the clients you want*
  • Make the money you deserve*
*Without sacrificing your family, your free time, or your sanity.

Real Estate Overwhelm...

It’s Real.

Stop Chasing Your To-Do List and Start Working a System

  • Create the business you love*
  • Attract the clients you want*
  • Make the money you deserve*
*Without sacrificing your family, your free time, or your sanity.

If you’re like most REALTORS® you probably had a plan to be the Best.Damn.Agent. your town has ever seen.

And why not? You love helping people and you love looking at homes - it’s a perfect match! 

Plus, you probably know at least 1 agent that is incredibly disorganized, yet wildly successful, so it was a no brainer, can’t fail plan - to start a real estate business. (Or was that just me?)

But no one told you how HARD it would be, right?

No one told you that real estate is complicated, and frustrating, and each transaction has what feels like 10k steps – that you are 100% responsible for.

No one told you that this career is so much more than just looking at homes. A real estate agent has to be a master at everything.

  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Negotiation
  • Transaction Management
  • People Management
  • Paperwork
  • Copywriting
  • and the list keeps going on and on!

No one told you how much time you would invest in generating 100’s of leads to make just one sale.

No one told you about the real estate roller coaster where you work to get leads, then work to get them under contract, then work to get them to closing, then find that you’re fresh out of leads and have to start it all over again!

No one told you that you’d have to become a social media influencer,  dancing your heart out for your next sale.

No one told you that your friends and family aren’t going to trust you to help with their real estate transaction. Or that the people you want to help would make you want to cry.

No one told you that having a successful career in real estate would mean you forfeit everything else in your life.

But it’s not like you haven’t tried.


You’ve tried calling your friends and family begging for referrals, but they don’t take your calls anymore. You’ve even thought about door knocking to get some leads but just thinking about it makes you want to crawl back into bed.


You’ve spent a small fortune on Zillow/Trulia/Realtor leads - and don’t have much to show for it, except a few expensive leads that don’t answer their phone when you call.


You've thought about hiring a coach, but they want to lock you into a contract for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars - with no guarantee! OR, you’ve had that coach - and they wanted you to do it “their” way - which didn’t work for you.


You’ve tried to outsource and hired an assistant (or two) but they just don’t get it and you end up doing all the work anyway. Then there’s the social media manager, Facebook ad manager, or even a Marketing Coordinator. But, WOW - talk about expensive! And, there’s no guarantee any of those people would do a better job than you.


Your broker tells you not to worry, business will come. But, it’s not his time or money you’re wasting. Regardless, you’ve tried to manifest your success but those positive thoughts don’t seem to do the trick.

The overwhelm is real.

Whether that’s figuring out where to invest your money, how to get new leads, building your brand presence, or just making time to have dinner with the family!

Something needs to change... Fast!

You’re exhausted, working what feels like 24/7 and don’t have much to show for it. If you don’t start making some changes soon your real estate business might be a thing of the past.

Hi, I'm Heather Wright.

For the last 13 years I’ve been selling residential real estate in the Des Moines, IA, metro area. So far that’s 800+ sold homes and I’ve been in the top 5% of agents every year since 2012. 

All that to say that I know how hard (and lonely!) it can be when you’re in the trenches. 

When I first started real estate, I was laser focused on getting leads. It was my #1 problem. (And sometimes still is.) But that was just the FIRST problem...

Hi, I'm Heather Wright

For the last 13 years I’ve been selling residential real estate in the Des Moines, IA, metro area. So far that’s 800+ sold homes and I’ve been in the top 5% of agents every year since 2012. 

All that to say that I know how hard (and lonely!) it can be when you’re in the trenches. 

When I first started real estate, I was laser focused on getting leads. It was my #1 problem. (And sometimes still is.) But that was just the FIRST problem...


Generating leads was just the first step of building my real estate business. And actually, the more leads I had, the more problems it created! 

I was amazing at cherry picking. The people that answered my first call - I’d convert to a sale. But I didn’t have a system to follow up with all the other leads (high hanging fruit) and left a lot of money on the table.

The busier I got, the more balls I dropped.

  • Not calling new leads or completing any follow up
  • Taking too long to respond to emails/voicemails
  • Wasting time with buyers that couldn’t purchase, or worse - had no intention of working with me!
  • Sitting at my desk in overwhelm and not getting anything done
  • Complaining about work during dinner, and then going straight for my computer until bedtime to “catch up”
  • Skipping the gym and eating lunch in my car
  • Not taking care of myself or my family

As exhausted as I was, I knew there had to be a better way!

And there IS a better way!

At this point you might be thinking that I’ve got a shiny new secret to share that’s going to solve all your problems.

Sorry, but that’s not happening here.

I wish there was a magic pill to be successful in real estate, but unfortunately there’s not. But I can tell you that SYSTEMS were the solution to every one of my problems.

  • Systems for each lead pillar
  • Systems for lead nurturing
  • Systems for buyer consults
  • Systems for listing appointments
  • Systems for marketing my listings
  • Systems for social media
  • Systems for transaction management
  • Systems for staying in touch with my database

So. Many. Systems!

(No wonder real estate has a high burnout rate!)


I’ve had the pleasure of doing a three-month coaching session with Heather. When I started, I was lacking motivation, structure and focus. I desperately needed to get back on track. Since working with Heather, not only do I have a more consistent flow in my business, but I have much better control over it as well. With Heather’s help, my business now has structure and plans in place that are pushing me towards my best year yet. I am a better business owner and REALTOR with her help. I would recommend Heather to anyone without hesitation, it’s been a joy and a wonderful learning experience.

Jolene Sutton

Real Estate Agent

You can’t grow your real estate business without structure. And the most successful real estate agents have a consistent process for organizing every aspect of their business from lead generation to post closing follow up.

So, how are you expected to ever grow your real estate business if you don’t have systems in place to generate more leads, and convert them to sales without working 24/7?

Imagine if...

  • You woke up every morning excited to go to work.
  • Your business was structured so you were effortlessly attracting the perfect clients to buy/sell their house - no more chasing them down. 
  • You were making the money you deserved.
  • You had your time back and you were able to prioritize your family the way you’ve wanted. Having dinner every night with the family (without being on the phone). Never missing one of the kids games or recitals. And not worrying about the sales you might be missing by putting your family first.

Now that’s the kind of freedom you dreamed of when you started your real estate business! And it absolutely CAN be done.


The one stop shop designed to help real estate agents (like you!) transform their business - by design. You’ll have everything you need to create a business you love, attract the clients you want, and make the money you deserve.

Here’s what you’ll do in the Savvy Agent Club:

  • Create a business plan that you’re excited to execute.
  • Approach each day knowing exactly what you need to get done.
  • Have a sales pipeline bursting with leads! 
  • Generate clients that WANT to work with you.
  • Be incredibly organized and confident about the tasks you need to complete to reach your goals.
  • Feel supported in your business –without spending gobs of money on an accountability coach!
  • Approach each day with confidence knowing exactly what you need to do to keep your sales pipeline full.
  • Learn how to be your own north star with a powerful daily recipe for success.

Savvy Agent Club

can help you accomplish all of this and more.


The key to growing your business is treating it like a business. Every month we’ll have two live calls where we’ll meet together on zoom to review your progress toward your goals. I’ll help you evaluate the current state of your business to identify areas of improvement, then prioritize where you’ll spend your time implementing new systems to get to the next level.


Included in your membership is a complete course library to help you create a solid foundation for the operations of your business. We all know that the foundation can make or break a building - and the same is true for your business.


Copy my exact systems to increase your repeat business and referrals (R&R) from your database. Currently, we’re getting 75% of our business from these systems - and we don’t ever ask for a referral, and rarely call past clients on the phone.


Not sure what to post on social media? No problem! 

  • We’ve got a social media calendar updated every month so you can schedule all your content in advance. 

  • You’ll also have access to the social media template library which includes hundreds of graphics for your posts, stories, cover photos, and even videos!

  • AND we’ve included over 500+ content prompts to help inspire all your content from posts, to videos, to blogs or newsletters.


Can’t make a call? No problem - replays are recorded and available in our masterclass library. And, you’ll have access to more than 25 courses to help you build out new systems in your business.


We’ve included some extras to help you implement all your new systems.

($397 value)

Creating all of the branded marketing collateral to help you stand out from the crowd of competing agents is expensive and time consuming. Our professional graphic designer has created marketing templates that you can quickly customize using the free version of Canva. There are many, many templates designed to help elevate your marketing to get new seller and buyer clients, as well as to help them in the process from contract to close.

($397 value)

Help your listing get more exposure on social media when you use a professionally designed template for your posts and stories. When you’re not promoting a listing you can use the market templates to update your audience on the state of the market.

ANSWER VAULT (Value = priceless)

We make it easy to find the answer to any question you have using our answer vault. On the off chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll get it added right away!

Total value = $3,779

You’ll get ALL of this for only

$37 / month!


I have been an agent for 11 years and this is the best money I have spent. I feel like I have finally invested in myself. Heather has her finger on the pulse of all things real estate. She is able to take her experience, knowledge and grit and turn it into useful and relevant content for club members. She is also curious and innovative, I feel that we are always at the forefront of what is happening in real estate. The club is full of useful content- ranging from social media do's to cutting edge marketing ideas. It is really a first stop when seeking further information on any RE topic. She has really challenged me to grow as an agent and person, picked me up when I've been down and encouraged me to stretch.

Moco Todd

Real Estate Agent

I struggled with content and would spend so much time and effort trying to find something to share outside of, "Hey, I have a new listing!" It was an absolute chore. Now, all I do is pull up Savvy Agent for something to post. Within a few minutes, it's done!

Keep up the great work!

Angela Ousley

Real Estate Agent


Each month we’ll have two LIVE calls on zoom. They’re typically the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2:00pm central time.

The first Tuesday of the month is our business coaching call to support you staying on track with your goals. Topics covered on this call will include annual business planning, quarterly review, and new tactics and systems to incorporate as needed. You can even submit questions in advance in case you can’t make it live.

The third Tuesday of the month we’ll host the marketing coaching call to support you filling your sales pipeline. Some months this might be sharing a new tactic to generate leads, or a new email message to reactivate old leads in your database, or it could be a Q&A - it all depends on what YOU need!

All calls will have a replay added to the Club where you can watch it later.

You’ll have access to the Savvy Agent Club website (as long as your membership is paid and current) where you’ll be able to download ALL of the templates and resources, as well as access the course library. New content is added each month.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a contract or ongoing obligation?

NO, there is no contract and you can cancel at anytime. Your monthly payment will automatically renew unless you cancel before your payment due date. 

How fast can I expect to see results?

The speed with which you see results for your advertising (paid or organic) efforts is 100% up to you. In Savvy Agent Club, we provide you all of the support you'll need to craft your strategy and create supporting systems. 

Of course it takes some time to implement and then evaluate and refine - if it didn’t, then everyone would do it and it would stop working! During this process, you'll see fluctuating results every day (and you’ll want to catalog them on your Daily Recipe for Success - no single day’s results should impact your decisions). While you might not become a wealthy agent overnight (let's be real, if it could happen overnight this would be a very different program) you will be in tune with your progress which is results oriented so you'll feel your momentum.

The time you invest is totally up to you and would be reflective of your goals. If your goal is to work only 4 hours a day - then that’s the time you’ve got to work with. Every agent works at their own pace and some reach their goals quicker than others.

How is this different from the many social media programs for REALTORS? 

Savvy Agent Club is not a social media program. We do teach agents to work social media as a lead pillar and provide templates and resources for social. However, one of the primary pillars of the Wealthy Agent Framework™ is Social - which is about building relationships with people you already know. I’m confident this is different from any other program you’ve taken because it’s built on strategy, systems AND social (relationships), not just social media.

Do I need to invest in anything else for this to work?

That’s 100% up to you. Your business plan may or may not include paid advertising (like Facebook ads). We support you building the business of YOUR dreams and support both organic and paid strategies. But most importantly, we are here to support YOU in creating the business you love.  

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

If you ever feel stuck or need any assistance, submit a question in the Connect area of the Club. The Savvy Agent team will get an answer back to you ASAP. The question/answer could also be featured in a weekly email to members only. Plus you'll get personal support and Q&A access during our live calls call each month. 

Is there a community with this product?

Our community is different than what you might be used to. We believe in staying focused on your goals and we don’t want to contribute to all the distractions in your life. (And Facebook groups can turn into a huge distraction!) In Savvy Agent Club you’ll have an opportunity to get questions answered and submit suggestions and requests for new resources or improvements. Plus you'll get personal support and Q&A access during live calls.

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

Savvy Agent Club is accessed on the internet. So you’ll need your login information and internet access. You can access it on your computer, tablet or even mobile device, through a web browser.

What do I have access to once I sign up?

Everything. You'll have access to the Wealthy Agent Framework training, the annual and monthly business planning workshops, the Daily Recipe for Success, the entire (and extensive) course library, ALL of the Savvy Social Templates, and everything in the Resource Library. You'll also have access to all Mastermind Replays, the Graphics Library, and every video in the Club is searchable - to save you even more time. All live calls are scheduled in advance and you'll receive an email to register and add to your calendar. We don't hold anything back. 

What if it’s not what I expect / Is there a guarantee?

There are no contracts to be a member of Savvy Agent Club. If it's not what you expect you can cancel at any time. Due to the digital nature of our business there are no guarantees. Once you've become a member, you'll have access to everything and you'll be able to download hundreds of templates, resources and swipe files. 


So Heather is amazing. She is full of great ideas. She is very insightful and witty. I also love love love Savvy Agent Club. Social media graphics are my favorite thing from the club. Of course there is more to the club than the graphics. But the graphic section is amazing. It's such a relief to have a library to scroll through that really relates to real estate. The quality of the graphics are great. Heather has uploaded great tutorial videos that helps take the sting away. So if you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting on?


Real Estate Agent

What students are saying after attending a class with Heather

"Heather is entertaining, easy to listen to, and keeps me engaged. She also uses 'real' life experience which is very helpful."

"So much energy and info. Thank you!"

"Heather is always a rockstar speaker that is engaging throughout her entire presentation. Her no nonsense approach paired with her hilarious personality always makes time fly. I know I'll leave with lots of great ideas to implement after listening to her."

"Heather is very engaging. She makes the topic fun!"

"Heather was great to listen to. Straight and to the point. She isn't going to show you things that aren't going to work and waste your money!"


There is no magic pill or silver bullet to create instant overnight success in real estate.

Savvy Agent Club is for people who are serious about taking the steps to be successful and we’ll show you step by step how to do that. 

It’s time you choose YOU and create the business you love, attract the clients you want, and make the money you deserve!

Start transforming your business today with 

Savvy Agent Club.