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6 Ways to Get Leads on Social Media


Are you leveraging your social media to get leads?

👉🏻Maybe more seller leads - so you have something to sell to your buyer leads?
👉🏻Or, maybe more buyer leads - so you can get your listings sold?
👉🏻Maybe you work rentals and could use more of those leads too?

In this episode I'm going to share with you 6 ways to get leads on social media.

This is a very tactical episode that has simple, easy suggestions for you to leverage your social media for leads.

And, it's not limited to the 6 listed in the title - there's actually MANY suggestions within the episode.

Please note that I will never recommend you start posting on social media as though you just started selling Beach Body shakes and your life depended on it.

No one likes that desperate MLM vibe. I also don't recommend you do anything I wouldn't do.

So, there's no dancing or pointing on screen recommendations (unless you totally want to do that.

You do you, boo.)

In the episode I reference tools and resources that you can access as a member of Savvy Agent Club: https://savvyagent.club/join/

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