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Is AI Going to Take Over the World?


In this episode of the Savvy Agent Podcast, we ponder the question that's been on everyone's mind, "Is AI going to take over the world?"

No. Of course not!

However, AI like ChatGPT will likely be just a handy tool for real estate agents to use, like a hammer for a carpenter or a bottle opener for a party-goer.

ChatGPT can help real estate agents leverage their time by providing assistance with copywriting. It can help agents when they have writer's block while creating a listing description.

You could even use it for creating emails, drip emails, or revising emails like, "Make the following email sound nicer..."

While I'm a big fan of Chat GPT, sometimes it's too popular and you can't get in, kind of like trying to get a table at a hot restaurant on a Saturday night. But hey, it's free, so can you really complain?

At the end of the day, I don't think the impact of Chat GPT and similar AI on real estate is going to be too earth shattering. Instead, these services will end up being pretty useful tools to have in our real estate agent toolboxes, much like a level or a measuring tape.

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