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This One Trick Will Change Your Social Media Strategy


This One Trick Will Change Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is all the rage and agents are killing it with deals from Facebook. No problem for the Savvy Agent, right? So you craft your post and design the perfect social graphic. You’ve got your call to action, and you’ve played with your messaging till it’s clear, to-the-point, and engaging for your readers and subscribers. Or, so you thought. But, no one likes your post. So, we’re going to give you the one trick that will change your social media strategy for the better.

News flash: If you’re not getting the level of engagement you want on social media….there’s a reason behind it.

And, this reason is one you can fix even if you’re completely allergic to technology.

The good news is that by using this one simple strategy, you can turn around your engagement almost instantly. Then, you’ll start piling up those likes, comments, and click-through’s like you’ve never seen before!

How does your audience actually TALK?

By now, you already know the importance of creating and honing in on your ideal buyer persona and now comes the fun part: mixing it all into your social media marketing strategy.

Before you get your hands dirty crafting your next handful of social posts, whip out those buyer personas and ask yourself these questions:

1. What words and phrases do my customers and buyers use when they’re just talking casually with their friends and family?

Injecting fun, colloquial words and phrases into your graphics and messaging in a strategic and relevant way is the surefire path to a post that your buyer actually feels they can RELATE with…which is what REALLY gets people to engage with you on social media.

2. Are they REALLY interested in that house that’s for sale?

Or, do they want something funny or useful to them specifically? Realtors are always selling, so it’s natural to mentally be leafing through new listings at all hours of the day. But that’s not going to work for your audience. Ask yourself what they REALLY want to see in front of them when they scroll down their news feed. Are they interested in that gorgeous Tuscan Villa that just came on the market? Or are they more interested in a specific, actionable tidbit that gets them one step closer to finding their OWN dream home? When you make it about THEM (not you) you’ll garner more “likes”, comments, subscribers, and conversions.

3. Are you dropping any words, phrases or acronyms your buyer persona might not know?

If you’re dropping acronyms like PCF or FMV into your social media posts, please STOP. Now. Unless you’re 100% sure your customers and prospects are fluent with your terminology, leave out any room for guesswork. As a realtor, the last thing you want is a bright-eyed first-time home buyer who’s ready to get in touch with you suddenly feeling perplexed and confused. No one wants to feel stupid, so they’ll probably think twice about calling you.

Acronyms that are completely foreign to even just part of your social audience are risky to include. A hot prospect may be ready to hop on the phone right away, but if they’re bombarded with perplexing terms they’ve never even heard of, they’re going to roll their eyes and keep on scrolling.

Remember, it’s all about THEM in today’s me-economy.

Getting your social audience to engage with you can seem challenging at first. But investing the time to create a buyer persona for you and your team to draw upon every time you hit a marketing “road bump” will reap MASSIVE rewards for years and years to come.

And NOT just in your marketing efforts, either! Knowing how your buyer talks, moves, and thinks will turbo-charge the effectiveness of your phone calls, meetings and day-to-day interactions with your customers and prospects.




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