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Where Will My Next Check Come From?

This is a common question for real estate agents - Where will my next check come from?

You're busy working, working, working - and you get all your hot prospects under contract, yay!

But then when you catch your breath, you realize - crap - who's next???

My friends and I were chatting about this exact scenario and I gave some off the cuff advice for who my pal should call to fill up her pipeline.

At the end of my message I thought "this was GOLD!" and intended to re-record it for the podcast. 

But sometimes good intentions just don't work out to productivity.

SO, you're getting an edited version (I took out the long pauses, the scattered thoughts while driving - cleaned it up real nice for you guys!) of this conversation.

If you're wondering where your next check will be coming from - hopefully this inspires you to take some action.

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