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Creating the Action Plans to Meet Goals

In last week's episode, we we talked about setting big picture goals and chunking them down into smaller, manageable goals.

But with every great idea (aka goal) - you need a great execution. And to execute - we simply need to know what you're going to do (actually going to do) to make them happen.

To refresh you - last time we talked about setting an annual goal of $10m in production. And our example had an average sales price of $300,000 - so we need 33.3 sales to hit that goal, or 9 sales per quarter, or 3 sales per month.

But knowing where those sales are going to come from is the real trick! In this episode we're going to talk through the process of creating the execution plan.

Wouldn't it be cool to plug and play a system in your business to get it all done? Yes, I think so - and that's why I've included all of my systems in Savvy Agent Club.

Systems for each lead pillar
Systems for lead nurturing
Systems for buyer consults
Systems for listing appointments
Systems for marketing my listings
Systems for social media
Systems for transaction management
Systems for staying in touch with my database

And yes, systems for business planning! If you'd like to swipe my systems and plug them into your business - head on over to savvyagent.co/club and join today. It's only $37/mo because I like to think that building your real estate business shouldn't have to break the bank. 

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