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Beyond the Inbox: How to Use Email to Unlock the Potential of Your Database and Stand Out in the Real Estate Market


Maximizing the potential of your database without spending all day making calls can be a challenge. If you're like me and don't enjoy cold calling, email re-engagement might be the solution for you.

I'll share some tips on how to effectively use email to re-engage your database and build stronger connections with your contacts.

Send a newsletter

One simple strategy is to send a monthly or even weekly newsletter to your database. Keep it simple and personalized to make it more engaging. You can include a market update, highlight a featured property, or share valuable resources. Use a CRM like Follow Up Boss to streamline the process and track your open rates.

Create batch emails

Batch emails are a great way to send targeted messages to specific segments of your database. For example, you can send a video you created to everyone in your database or create smart lists for specific groups of contacts. Personalize the emails and include a clear call to action to encourage engagement.

Offer valuable resources

Do you have any guides or resources that you regularly provide to new leads? Consider offering these resources to your existing database as well. This can help reengage contacts who may not have converted into clients yet. Use batch emails to promote these resources and track engagement to follow up with interested leads.

Track website activity

Use tools like the Follow Up Boss pixel on your website to track the activity of your email recipients. When contacts click on links in your emails and visit your website, you can identify their interests and reach out to them with relevant follow-up messages. This helps you tailor your conversations and build stronger relationships.

Remember, the key to successful email re-engagement is to provide value and nurture your contacts. Don't be afraid to ask for referrals or include clear calls to action in your emails. And if you're not tech-savvy, don't worry! There are resources and training available, like those in the Savvy Agent Club, to help you navigate the process.

So, click on your keyboard and start sending those emails to re-engage your database. With consistent effort and a personalized approach, you'll see your sales pipeline fill up with leads that were already in your database. Good luck!

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