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How we can take tips from Marty McFly to help our future selves

How we can take tips from Marty McFly to help our future selves

Anyone else notice that buyers today are a little more difficult? Perhaps even a little (or a lot) crazy during negotiations and/or inspections?

If NO, yay for you and the perfect world you live in. (And please tell me where I can find these unicorns!)

If YES, the struggle is REAL!

If we could go Back to the Future, what would Marty McFly do to help his future self ?

How we can take tips from Marty McFly to help our future selves
  • He would use his big ol' camcorder to document Doc Brown's processes. 
  • He'd write secret notes to be opened in the future (when Doc needs it). 
  • He expected history to repeat itself and used that to his advantage.
  • (And a bunch of other shenanigans that are beside today's point)

Marty was a content creating machine, before it was trendy.

The fact is our buyers don't always listen to us. During showings they're not focused on what we say because they're mentally arranging their furniture in the living room. Or they didn't comprehend what you said because it wasn't what they needed to know at that moment.

We need to inform them in a way they'll remember (preferably without repeating ourselves over and over) and creating content is the best way to do it!

If you create this educational content you can give it to them whenever they need it. For example:

  • A video highlighting what to expect during inspection
  • An email template outlining the next steps after contract acceptance
  • A thorough explanation of earnest money they could read/watch
  • A blog post/video/email sharing a story about a nightmare-crazytown buyer that asked for new carpet because they didn't like the color anymore (yes, this happened to me), and how that's not the point of inspections

I could go on and on but you probably get the idea. Then you re-purpose that content on every other platform you use (blog/YouTube playlist/social posts/drip emails, etc).

This is possibly the best time to start creating your educational content library. Because you might have extra time on your hands thanks to coronavirus. And because now is better than later, even if you're busier than ever before.

Your future self will thank you. 

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We have several courses in Savvy Agent Club that focus on content creation. If you're not sure where to start on your own this would be a great asset to your business. 


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