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Revive Those Stale Listings: Sell Faster and Get More Exposure

Revive Those Stale Listings: Sell Faster and Get More Exposure

Hey there, real estate champs! Struggling with a listing that's as stubborn as a mule? We get it, it happens to the best of us. But don't sweat it! Being an agent in the field right there with you - Heather has personal experience with issues like this. I've got your back to breathe new life into those stagnant listings and have them flying off the market faster than a hotcake at a pancake festival.

Her most recent stale listing experience began with a loyal client whose property had collected dust on the market for nearly two months, like that gym membership you never use. The twist? The owner was an investor living in the property during a flip, complete with mismatched furniture that resembled a thrift store explosion.

Heather's brainwave was obvious. The house needed staging. But hold on, budget restraints were the villains in her story. So, she summoned Box Brownie, the online superhero of affordable virtual staging. With a few clicks, she transformed rooms into Instagram-worthy spaces, igniting the imaginations of potential buyers.

But new photos are just the beginning of getting more exposure on a stale listing. Heather is a big fan of doing Facebook ads for her listings because you can get a lot of eyes on them very affordably. So she cranked up her marketing game with Facebook ads featuring these eye-catching images. A picture is worth a thousand clicks and hopefully one of those clicks leads to a serious buyer.

Anytime you’re evaluating a listing that isn’t selling you’ll need to consider your pricing strategy. But that’s usually the last thing the seller wants to hear. 

Networking with other agents can also help you get more exposure to a stale listing. For example, you could spread the word of your listing during office meetings. You could host broker/agent opens and get feedback from your colleagues on what they think about the listing and the current price. This information is invaluable if you have a seller that might not receive a recommended price reduction well. 

If it makes sense, you could host an open house. Talking to buyers out in the wild is always worth your time. 

In a nutshell, reviving stale listings is an adventure that demands a mix of strategic pricing, professional photography, virtual staging (that won't break the bank), and a full-blown marketing blitz. Don't forget to tap into your real estate tribe through broker opens and office shindigs. And if all else fails, throw an open house party that'll make your listing the talk of the town.

Remember, every listing is unique, and with a dash of determination and a sprinkle of creativity, you can turn those stubborn listings into SOLD. 

So, get out there and work your magic! Implement these tricks today, and watch those stale listings vanish into the realm of 'Sold.' You've got this!

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