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3 Reasons Why You May Not Be Making the Real Estate Sales You Desire


Most people in the real estate industry have tried to predict how this year is going to go. But regardless of any Nostradamus predictions, there are some key mistakes that agents might be making to stand in the way of making the sales they desire which we delve into on this episode of the Savvy Agent podcast.

*And don't worry, it's probably not because you're a terrible salesperson (although, we can't make any promises if you're still wearing those pleated pants from the 90s).

First up, we discuss the importance of being seen as the expert. Whether you're brand new, or been an expert for several years, you can always improve your expert visibility.

Next, we talk about the importance of having a strong marketing and advertising strategy. In today's digital age, it's crucial to have a solid online presence and utilize social media platforms to reach potential clients.

Finally, we delve into the importance of building relationships and networking. If you're not meeting people - it's going to be a challenge. We'll give you some tips on how to establish yourself as a go-to real estate agent in your area.

Listen in to see if any of these mistakes need some attention in your business. We're all about practical advice on how to increase your sales and succeed in the world of real estate. We promise it'll be worth your while (unlike that one time you spent hours driving clients around to look at houses that they had no intention of buying).

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