April 8

Real Estate SEO: 3 Free Ways to Get More Website Traffic


Real Estate SEO: 3 Free Ways to Get More Website Traffic

If you’re a real estate agent, you know that exposure is important. In this Facebook Live replay, you’ll learn all about real estate SEO. AND, you’ll learn 3 FREE ways to get more website traffic. Seriously, they’re free.


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Free Tip #1

Update your FREE google business listing. Click here to setup and/or reclaim your business listing. 

What do you include in the google business listing? 

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    Your Name 
  • check
    Your Brokerage Name
  • check
    What you do. For example, "residential real estate"
  • check
    Where you do it. For example, ...residential real estate "in {your area}"
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    Any other keyword you might want to be found under. 

Free Tip #2

Use SEO in your social media profiles. 

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    Include your brokerage name, what you do, where you do and other keywords in your social media profile (see free tip #1 for details)
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    Create pages specific to an area to attract search engine traffic. For example, instead of a business page for Jane Doe, Realtor - you might create a business page for Chicago Real Estate. Or, First Time Homeowners in Chicago. 

Free Tip #3

Give your website an SEO boost!

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    Add the areas you work to your agent profile. Include other keywords that are commonly searched for by your target audience.  
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    Write blog posts that are keyword driven to generate traffic for specific areas. For example, "The Most Expensive Condos for Sale in Chicago" or "Top 10 Reasons You Should Live in Lincoln Park" or "Best Dog Parks in Logan Square"
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    Have a separate section on your site (or a completely different site...aka "farm site") for the areas you work. Optimize your keywords so users will find your page/site about Logan Square or Lincoln Park when doing an internet search. 


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