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Running Your Real Estate Business Like a Proven Business Strategy

Welcome to the Savvy Agent Podcast, where we believe in a better way to build your real estate empire. I'm your host, Heather Wright, and I know you can create a business you love, attract your ideal clients, and make the money you deserve. In today's episode, we'll discuss the importance of running your real estate business like a business and how to optimize your strategy for success.

Running Your Real Estate Business Like a Business:

As a real estate agent, you are self-employed and running your own business. However, many agents fail to treat their real estate business like a business. They get distracted by shiny objects, spend money on ineffective lead sources, and lack a clear strategy for lead generation. This reactive approach hinders their ability to meet goals and achieve success.

Setting Aside CEO Time:

To overcome these challenges, it's essential to set aside dedicated CEO time. This is a time where you focus solely on your business and its goals. Use this time to review and adapt your goals, track your numbers, and evaluate the effectiveness of your lead sources. By doing so, you can make informed decisions and ensure your investments are generating a return.

Tracking Your Numbers:

One crucial aspect of CEO time is tracking your numbers. Understand where your money is going and where it's coming from. Evaluate the performance of each lead source and determine if it aligns with your business goals. By tracking your numbers, you can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Developing a Strategy:

Running your business like a business means having a clear strategy. Define your lead generation tactics and ensure they align with your goals. Evaluate your contact strategy for staying top of mind with your sphere of influence and past clients. Consider the effectiveness of your branding efforts versus your marketing efforts. Continually refine your strategies to optimize your results.

Prioritizing Profit:

While making money is essential, prioritizing profit is equally important. Track your income and expenses meticulously to understand your profitability. Set financial goals, including saving and investment targets. Regularly review your financial performance and make adjustments as needed. By prioritizing profit, you can build the financial foundation necessary for living life on your terms.

Expanding and Managing Your Business:

As your business grows, you may need to expand and hire additional help. Evaluate your capacity and consider hiring an assistant, an ISA, or a buyer's agent. However, remember that managing your business and your team is crucial. Set clear expectations and key performance indicators (KPIs) for yourself and your team members to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.


Working on your real estate business is not always glamorous, but it is crucial for long-term success. By dedicating CEO time, tracking your numbers, developing effective strategies, prioritizing profit, and managing your business, you can elevate your real estate business strategy and achieve the success you desire. So, kick it up a notch and start working on your business today. Your dreams are within reach!

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