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4 Simple Rules to Create a Logo


4 Simple Rules to Create a Logo

Most companies create a logo that represents the face of their brand. It’s probably one of the first things that makes a new company feel “real”. We could go on and on, and on and on, and on and on… about logo design. But, we won’t. Here’s the 4 simple rules to create a logo that you need to keep in mind when going through the design process for your logo:

Be unique

You don’t want to be like everyone else! Your logo should be exclusive to your business.

Pro tip: avoid the same roof peaks that every other agent has in their logo.

Be versatile

Your logo needs to look good in all formats, and different sizes. For example, it needs to look just as amazing on mobile as it does on a billboard. The more flexibility you have with color, background placement, etc, the happier you’ll be.

Pro tip: avoid having a color block background because it will look like a weird square/rectangle on everything you publish it on.

Be ageless

Clean lines, symmetry and the neutrality of a design can make it timeless.

Pro tip: avoid the current trend because it will have an expiration date.

Be relevant

Try to capture the essence of your company in the logo. Easier said than done, I know. Consider how well your logo matches your company’s personality. For example, if you are a luxury agent, you wouldn’t want to use a cartoon or something overly “fun”.

Pro tip: don’t be afraid to have fun, just keep it real.


If you successfully follow these 4 simple rules to create a logo, then your design is likely to be on the road to greatness.

Here’s a great example of a logo (sorry, it’s iconic but not real estate related) that has stood the test of time:

simple rules to create a logo

The “I love New York” logo was designed in the 70’s and today still generates over $30M in revenue. That’s a GREAT logo.


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