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Keeping it Savvy and Simple with Your Workflows in 2023 | Bosses in Action

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being on a Bosses in Action webby (aka webinar). Bosses in Action is hosted by Tristan Ahumada (founder of Lab Coat Agents) for the Follow Up Boss user community. And today's episode is a replay of that call.

In this episode of Bosses in Action we interview Heather Wright, Team Leader of Heather Wright & Associates in Des Moines, IA, and Founder of Savvy Agent. She will cover how she simply BUT effectively stays in touch with her past clients, repeat business, SOI, and referrals using Follow Up Boss–75% of her sales come from them! To make it even simpler AND savvier, these are all done through email, some texts, cards, and her social media platforms. Heather has tried a couple of different CRMs but found success in Follow Up Boss and transformed her systems and workflows.

Learn what she's implementing in 2023 and how she plans to keep it simple and savvy!

00:02 - Intro
00:12 - Why did Heather created her website
01:23 - How did Heather started in Real Estate?
05:53 - What works with Heathers team
08:02 - 75% referal rate. How was it done?
10:08 - Why use Follow Up Boss?
11:48 - What should you include on your newsletter?
15:41 - Video Editor VA tips
18:18 - Should you text your leads?
20:05 - Engaging in social media is also networking
21:48 - Why should you send AM cards to your leads
24:32 - What does Savvy Agent offer?
26:25 - Heathers contact info
27:29 - Outro

Watch the YouTube interview here: https://youtu.be/ykcUXBRz3oc

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