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The Social Media Reminder I Needed

This week I needed, and received, a little nudge from the universe. 

You see, I was feeling down about a lot of work stuff including the time and effort I apply to my social media channels.

I was thinking - why do I even bother?

Maybe I should just stop posting anything - what's the worst that can happen?

Anyway, the nudge from the universe came the very next day. I'm sitting at my desk, looking at my parking lot for a podcast idea. (The parking lot is one of my hacks which you can hear about here.) And the very first idea that popped out at me was something I had written months ago. Months! 

Essentially, it was a reminder that while it doesn't SEEM like social media works - you should keep doing it.

My note actually said, "This is not about you. Sorry. Stop worrying about if people like your posts. The thing about this is - you gotta have some faith."

My past self must have known that my future self would really appreciate that reminder one day.

So this episode is dedicated to why you should continue to have faith in your social media - even if it feels like it's not working.

As mentioned toward the end of the episode, if you'd like access to my Visible Agent Inspiration Bank you can get that here: https://savvyagent.co/visible/

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