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Why Outsourcing Your Social Media is a Terrible Idea

Social media is one of those love it or hate it things, isn't it? You either love it or you hate it! Even if you hate it - you probably still recognize the value in having a social media presence. However, before you consider outsourcing your social media, consider that it might not be the best idea because of the damage it can do to your brand, the cost, and it might even result in hurting your social reach.

5 Cons of Outsourcing your Social Media

1. Training is TIME consuming

2. Your brand VOICE may sound inauthentic

3. Missing the CONTEXT of the content

4. True COST of Outsourcing is very high

5. Losing your personality may LOSE followers

In Savvy Agent Club we support real estate agents to manage their social media with resources, tools, tips and tricks - but it's not outsourced. Your brand voice is too important to give away to someone that's going to make you sound like another vanilla real estate agent!

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