December 27

2020 Savvy Agent Content Calendar


You're one step away from downloading the 2020 Savvy Agent Content Calendar! Each purchase is licensed for use by one real estate agent/real estate team. (If you're a marketer or agency using these for your clients - that's not cool.)

You'll have immediate access to the content calendar which has three different formats. It's available in Google Sheets, Excel and a PDF for download. We've got 365 days of content prompts including all major holidays (plus notable days like Daylight Savings, Friday the 13th and many, many more!). You'll have marketing prompts of when to go live and what to talk about. Plus prompts to generate leads! With the 2020 Savvy Agent Content Calendar we hope your 2020 is filled with sales, referrals, and some more referrals! 


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