October 11

How to Delete Unwanted Likes (or Ban People) From Your Facebook Business Page


How to Delete Unwanted Like (or Ban People) From Your Facebook Business Page

A Savvy Agent knows that they need to keep their Facebook audience tight. Meaning, don't let other agents like your page! (We wrote about this here if you need to brush up on the topic.) So, if you find yourself wondering how to delete unwanted likes from your page - you're in the right spot. 

In Review:

On your FB Business page, go to Settings in the upper right corner.

Select People and Other Pages on the left hand menu. 

Select the person, or people, you want to remove. Then, go to the settings wheel: 

And select "Remove from Page Likes" or "Ban from Page"

Remember, if you Remove from Page Likes - the user can always re-like your page and will certainly be able to visit your page to check out your content. 

But, if you Ban from Page - then that person will not be able to see or comment or engage with your page at all. Use this feature for the trolls. 

That's it! Now you can cleanup your FB page so that only your target audience remains. Not sure who your target audience is? 

We've got you covered.

Check out our Audience Profile Worksheet and you'll be clear as a bell! 


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