July 23

Do you follow the 80/20 rule?


Do you follow the 80/20 rule?

I know, you can’t wait to hear about another damn rule! But, the 80/20 rule is possibly one of the most important rules on social media! Here’s how it works:

80% of your posts should be about your audience
20% of your posts can be about YOU, your listings, the services you provide, etc.

So what does your audience WANT to see?

Remember, you’re posting on social media, so you want to be interesting, fun and not salesy. Think about what your audience is interested in.

What do they like/love and/or comment on your page? What do they post about themselves? These are clues to what types of posts/content you could post.

If your page is dead and doesn’t get many likes/loves/comments – then definitely start a TEST and change up your content. It might be hard to post something that’s NOT real estate related but you can do it! Here’s a few ideas to start you out…

Best local places for swim lessons
Your favorite place(s) to get pizza (or any other food/beverage for that matter)
A beautiful street (do not mention anything about YOU or real estate!!) Keep it simple – this is my favorite street in {my_city} because I just love the {trees, flowers, view, whatever reason you love}.
Farmer’s Market – could be location of your favorites, you could visit one and post some pics of neat things at the market, or ask for a recommendation of THEIR favorite market (asking for recommendations works better once the page has some good engagement, if it’s a dead page – this might fall flat)
Bike trails – does your town/city/neighborhood have bike trails? If you were on the trail – are there any fun/cool stops one could make?
Fantastic sales at local stores. Maybe there’s a fantastic sale on ribs at your favorite grocery store (this happened to me just this weekend!) that you can pass along to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to BE you, just don’t BRAG about you.

The people that follow your page know you’re in real estate and they likely know you’re amazing at it. No need to be all real estate, all the time. Give your audience the opportunity to get to know you better while serving them content they’re actually interested in, simply by following this 80/20 rule.

Try lots of different types of posts – some with pictures, some with videos and (gasp) some with Facebook Lives! Ask questions to generate comments – but don’t go overboard because that looks like engagement bait after a while.

Then, after a few weeks evaluate which posts received the most likes/loves/comments and then do MORE of those.

The beauty of the 80% rule is that the more people like/love/comment on your posts – MORE of your posts will show in their newsfeed. Which means there’s a greater chance they’ll actually see one of your 20% posts about a new listing or open house. It’s a win/win because your audience is getting to know you, like you more, and definitely trust you – while being entertained by your posts!

If you’re in Savvy Agent Club, the Conversation Starters are a good option to generate engagement on your page. And, then for the 20% posts, you can always fill in some blanks with an image (or 2 or 3) from the Graphics Library. And, if you’re not in the Club, you can get more info here.

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