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Do You Have to Look Perfect to Go Live on Facebook?


If you’ve ever wondered, “Do you have to look perfect to go live on Facebook?” Keep reading because we’re going to prove the answer is NO.

In this video (from a Facebook live) I practice what I preach and talk about why you shouldn’t let your perfectly imperfect looks prevent you from going live on Facebook. 

Live inspiration

I was having lunch with an agent from out of town and I was telling her about Savvy Agent Club. Specifically how we have a training each month on a specific topic. For example, we have several trainings on video marketing and how you should step out of your comfort zone and do things like go live on Facebook. Let’s face it. Real estate is a relationship business. And, even if you’re not in real estate – people like to buy from people they LIKE. It’s so important to connect with your clients on a human level. Let them get to know who you are not only as a business person, but as THE person that they’re going to have a relationship with.

And so, I said, “I should do a Facebook live this afternoon. BUT, I was out in the heat this morning and completely melted. I’ve got my hair in a ponytail. You can see the evidence of sweat. I just look terrible, so I’m not going to go live.”

Can you relate to that big BUT moment where you try to talk yourself out of a great idea? Where you let your vanity get in the way of your success?

So, my friend says, “But Heather, you should go live.” And I knew how right she was.

Time to practice what I preach.

I tell everybody who takes the Facebook live tech training with Savvy Agent that it doesn’t matter what you look like. Your people already know what you look like, and they accept you for who you are. And anyone that looks at homes with me in the summer has seen sweaty, ponytail, melted Heather. It’s just a fact of my life. So, why would I let that stop me from speaking to my people??

If you what you have to say is valuable, then who cares if you have sweat head? Who cares if you weigh more than you’ve ever weighed before? Who cares if you’re too skinny? Does anyone care if you don’t have any makeup on? Don’t hold yourself back from giving to your audience. You have information that they’re going to benefit from – so don’t let your vanity get in the way of delivering.   

Sometimes a little lipstick is all you need.

I sweat most of my makeup off and just put on a little bit of lipstick before this Facebook live and you wouldn’t really even know that I didn’t have makeup on, had I not told you. If you did notice that I didn’t have makeup on, you certainly wouldn’t be rude enough to point that out because that’s just bad manners, right?

Give yourself some grace.

You are a human being and your people know that you’re a human being. It’s okay. Now, what you have to say and the information you have to deliver to your people is really the important part. Give yourself a break. Allow yourself to be human. Accept the fact that the world already knows that you look like. If you look like a sweat head, like I do, all summer long, well, the cats out of the bag. Everybody knows because they see you sweating your head off and hiding it from a Facebook live isn’t doing anybody any favors.

Whatever is holding you back from delivering that message to your audience, GET OVER IT. Get over yourself. 

Go do a Facebook live on your Facebook page. Not just to help grow your business, but because your audience needs you. You got this, sweat head and all. 

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