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How To Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook

How to Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook 

Have you ever wondered exactly how real estate agents are getting leads on Facebook? In this video, we take you behind the scenes, directly into the Ads Manager, of Shane Torres! Shane's team sells more than 200 homes a year and Facebook leads are one of their top lead generation pillars.

Shane follows a very easy format on all of his ads which is a great example. You don't have to re-create the wheel on every ad - just get your message out there. 

You've heard the saying "Done is better than perfect"? And, while we all would appreciation perfection, getting some marketing DONE is going to result in more sales opportunities for us!

One of the best tips from this video is using the "Suggestions" for narrowing your audience. There's a lot of opportunity to test each audience to see if any outperform the rest. But, if you're just getting started with your real estate Facebook ads, then put ALL the suggestions in the audience. 

Pro Tip:

Don't include suggestions that would include agents. For example: Zillow/Trulia Premier Agent, or Pro, or National Association of Realtors. These suggestions are going to be primarily real estate AGENTS. And agents aren't likely to be a LEAD on your ad. Sure, they might sell the house to their buyer, but your goal is to generate leads. 

Ultimately, your goal is to generate real estate leads on Facebook so ANY ad you run should be focused on that goal. You'll want to incorporate a Facebook Ads strategy in your annual marketing plan and then test it until you find the ads that work best for you! And, if you're looking for additional Facebook Ads training, check out Savvy Agent Club which has several tech trainings available!

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