October 2

How to Get More Organic Reach on Facebook


Get more organic reach on Facebook using the exact posts that Facebook prefers. (aka FEED Facebook!)



When you feed Facebook what it wants, you’ll be rewarded with more organic reach.

Organic reach: your posts will reach MORE of your audience – for FREE.

In this video I’m going to share the 5 ways to feed Facebook starting with the BEST and most preferred. That leaves the WORST for last.

1. Facebook Live

Facebook’s FAVORITE post is a Facebook live! When you do a Facebook live, Facebook will reward you by notifying your audience that you’re live and giving that post a little extra Facebook love by sharing it with MORE of your audience.

2. Video

If you can’t do a Facebook live, the 2nd favorite post is an uploaded video. Facebook loves video although it loves live video the most.

3. Image

The 3rd most preferred post is one with an image. Something eye catching to get your audiences attention. Image posts do very well with the Facebook algorithm, just not as good as video or FB lives.

4. Text Only

Maybe you don’t have a video or an image. So, you post text only. This type of post doesn’t usually perform well with Facebook – because it’s not feeding Facebook what it wants. <img draggable=” /> So, it’s not the worst type of post, but it’s close.

5. Link

Finally, if you want to make sure your post goes nowhere fast, feed Facebook a link. Links seem pretty innocent because they’re potentially sharing valuable information with your audience, right?


Facebook hates links because they encourage people to LEAVE FACEBOOK.

Makes sense that their clever algorithm would be programmed to keep people ON Facebook doesn’t it?

But, don’t just take my word for it. Post one of these posts daily for the next 5 days and comment below which one(s) worked the best, and which posts bombed.

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