November 9

Are You Making this Facebook Mistake?


Do you ever see a cool post on Facebook and then share it to either your business page or your personal profile? Our Savvy Agent best practice tip is to always (always, always, always!) write something about the share.

Are you making this Facebook mistake?

If you’re sharing content without a comment – it’s not going to perform well in the Facebook algorithm. The newsfeed moves SO fast with everyone’s posts that Facebook has to figure out which posts are going better than others – and they serve those winners to more people. But the posts that don’t do well – will potentially hurt your business page from reaching people organically.

So, if you’re not sure what to write in your post here’s some things to consider:

Why should your friends/audience care about what you’re sharing?

Is it important to your local community, for example? Are you sharing an article that gave you an extreme emotional response and that’s why you’re sharing? How is it relevant to you and/or your audience?

Be specific and tell them why they should care. But, be fun and social. No one wants to follow someone wagging their finger at them.

making this facebook mistake


What’s your goal with sharing?

Do you want them to DO something? Then write that in your post. Not all Call to Actions have to be salesy. Are you asking them to choose a favorite between multiple images? Or, comment about their best/worst experience? Do you want their opinion on the article you’re sharing? Ask for it.

If people don’t know how to respond, they won’t respond at all.

Be engaging!

Remember that the people following your page either know you, or they already like you, probably trust you and have intentionally clicked that LIKE button on the page so they’re welcoming content from you. Don’t be afraid to share some of your personality. Having an opinion is a GOOD thing – you’ll attract people that agree with you. Or, you’ll invite those that don’t agree with you into a spirited conversation. (Unless it’s about politics, then it’s probably going to be a shouting match. Maybe avoid political posts?)

Choose quality over quantity.

If you’re sharing because someone, somewhere, said you need to post X number of times a day/week and you just want to show up in their news feed, don’t bother. It’s more than just posting. You need people to ENGAGE with what you’re posting (with a like, comment, or link click), or you’re going to get on the bad side of the Facebook algorithm as one that doesn’t serve worthy content and it’s going to make it more difficult for future posts to be seen.

Not sure what to post? Join Savvy Agent Club and choose from our library of social media conversation starters or be inspired to make your own post with an image for our graphics library.




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