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Savvy Agent Goes to CRS Sell-a-Bration 2018

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CRS Sell-a-bration 2018! 

In this video (from a Facebook live) I share what I learned at CRS Sell-a-bration 2018, what I was astounded at, and what I was surprised wasn’t mentioned by anyone. Since I sell real estate, and of course I support real estate agents, so I went to the CRS Sell-a-bration 2018 convention. CRS stands for Certified Residential Specialist, although they’ve been re-branding to Residential Real Estate Council.  

About the Event

CRS Sell-a-bration is a small event that happens annually around the end of January, beginning of February. The location varies but in 2018 it was in Dallas, TX, at a nice resort. I’ve been to several Sell-a-bration events and this was the largest. There were maybe 1,500 or so people there (this is my guess, I don’t recall actual statistics). I like this event because it’s not so big that you get lost in a sea of agents. It’s small enough that you recognize familiar faces from past events and have the opportunity to network and create new relationships. 

Daily Schedule

Each day begins with a keynote speaker. And, each day ends with a general session open to everyone.

In between there are several breakout sessions to choose from. During each session time slot you get your choice of four breakout sessions, all with varying topics. Some of the more popular sessions are repeated but most times they’re not. So, choose your session wisely!

The popular session topics

In each one of those breakout sessions, there was almost always a speaker on Facebook live or incorporating video into your business. Those were really trendy topics. Then, a lot of the other stuff was just general social media stuff. I agree, these are all important to growing our real estate businesses. 

What I’m calling BS on

In one breakout session, the man teaching mentioned, “Yeah, you should post six times a day on your Facebook business page.”

What? What is he talking about? Six times a day? Are you kidding me? Who gives a shit to hear from a real estate agent six times a day? Maybe there’s a method to his madness, but it is not anything that I am aware of and that’s going to be an exhausting strategy.

What I didn’t hear talked about at all

The one thing that I didn’t hear people talking about was connection. So, let’s say you’re a believer in six posts a day. What are you posting about? Are you posting about yourself? Are you posting about your newest, greatest listing? Are you posting about mortgage rates? I mean, things that don’t necessarily apply all the time to your audience, right? So, it’s hard for your audience to connect with that. Those types of posts probably don’t get a lot of likes. They don’t get a lot of loves. They don’t probably get a lot of reaction at all from your audience because they can’t connect with things they don’t personally relate to.

But if you do a Facebook live and your insert your own personality…

That’s something that people can connect with. When you give them something on a more personal level, they can connect with you. That’s where they’re going to like and/or love  your posts.

If you ask your audience a question like, “Hey, what do you think about oak? I have an oak closet door behind me that I do not love. But, what do you think about it?” it’s something simple that they likely have an opinion on and they’ll hopefully willing to engage with your post.

If your audience is super COLD (meaning there hasn’t been any engagement for a long time) then you might need to ask even simpler questions to start getting engagement. For example, “I’m thinking about replacing my oak door. I’m trying to decide between (A) a white door and (B) a stained door. Which do you like better?”

Facebook Algorithm

You probably heard a bazillion times already about all of the Facebook algorithm changes. The main thing to that is that Facebook is going to serve your content that’s GOOD to more of your audience.

So, posting six times a day isn’t going to beat the Facebook algorithm because it’s hard to connect with people that many times a day. You’re going to exhaust your audience because they’ll be tired of seeing your posts six times a day. (Not to mention exhausting yourself curating that much content.)

And, having six posts a day that are high quality content that CONNECT with people? Unlikely. 

The moral of this story is actually post on social media less.

Definitely use video and use Facebook live, like they were teaching at at the CRS event.

But when somebody tells you, “Oh my gosh, the key to social media is to post all day long,” they don’t know what they’re talking about. If that crazy strategy somehow works for them, they are a real life unicorn. Seriously, that’s not what Facebook recommends. It is not any social media manager recommends.

I’m passing that tip onto you because I know it to be true, and it wasn’t really talked about at this convention.

Don’t post more, but rather post LESS and of higher quality.

When it comes to quality, think about connection. What is your audience going to engage with? What can you include in your post so that your audience CONNECTS with it by liking, loving, commenting and even sharing it. Those are all signs that the post was good which will help you beat the Facebook algorithm and have your post served to more of your audience. And that’s just going to help you grow your audience, therefore, grow your real estate business, right?

So, that’s what I know after Savvy Agent goes to CRS Sell-a-bration 2018. 

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