December 7

Are You a Secret Agent?


This post is about finding out if you’re a secret agent or not (and how to fix it!). But, I’ve got a story first, so stick with me here…

Sometimes we get likes we don’t want on the Savvy Agent Facebook page. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped that people like our page! But, I want to make sure the Facebook algorithm doesn’t get confused about who my target audience is. So, sometimes I will go through the likes and delete any that aren’t real estate agents. (Click here for a refresher on how to do this.

So there I was, cleaning up my audience and I noticed more “secret” agents than normal. When you’re in Settings/People and Other Pages and you hover over the name of one of your likes – usually a pop up box with some high level info will appear.

Here’s an example:

secret agent


This lovely woman, Tatyana, has liked the Savvy Agent Facebook page. Awesome! But, when I hover over her name, the window that pops up doesn’t tell me anything about her. She has a lovely profile picture, but I don’t know if she’s a real estate agent or not. And, if she’s not a real estate agent then she’s not my target market. For example, if Tatyana works in insurance, I don’t want Facebook to get confused and think that my target audience is insurance. (And in case you didn’t know, Facebook likes to make assumptions, allllllll the time.)

So, I creeped her Facebook page.

Which, isn’t really all that creepy because you know buyers and sellers are doing that for YOU (and the buyers/sellers opposite them in a transaction…but that’s a blog for another day!).

I couldn’t really tell from her page if she was an agent. Her public posts aren’t real estate related. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not IN real estate, right?

My final test is to search by the person’s name and add “realtor” after in the Facebook search box.

Sure enough, there she is!

My message to Tatyana and all Realtors across the land is simple:


Here’s how:



And then, you can even add a phone number like Lauren:

secret agent

Wouldn’t that be great to let people call you off of your Facebook profile??

The moral of this story is that if you’re a real estate agent on social media, you should at least let your audience find you. That doesn’t mean that your entire profile has to be public. You can keep your privacy settings if you really need them. But, you should be open and advertise that you sell real estate. People like to be able to check these things out online before they call, so make sure they can find you.

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