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What Should You Do When Your Real Estate Facebook Business Page LOSES Likes?


Your real estate Facebook business page is losing likes – what should you do? Should you throw in the towel and delete the page? Blow it all up and get a job at your local Wells  Fargo office?

NAH! Don’t do any of that. Jeez, no need to be a mega drama queen!

When your Facebook business page loses likes, there are a few different reasons why. And, you can find out why under your business page insights. Let’s review:

Real Estate Facebook Business Page

Deactivated Accounts Removals

You probably see people on your Facebook feed say they’re giving up Facebook for the next 30 days or leaving altogether (forever this time!!) – these are deactivated accounts. If/when they come back to reactivate their personal Facebook account, then that like will be back. Only active accounts will count toward your likes.

Memorialized Accounts Removals

Perhaps you’ve known someone who has passed away and their Facebook account was left in limbo. Facebook has made some changes so that the account owner can determine what will happen when they pass away.

They can assign a legacy contact to manage their page. Or, they can request Facebook shut their account down after they pass. (Although, that is set up by the user BEFORE they pass. Not from purgatory or beyond…) And, the family can also request their page be deleted.

Some users might report an account as having passed away and if they don’t have a legacy contact Facebook might delete it. My point is that memorialized accounts have potential to contribute to your business page losing likes if they’re deleted.

Underage Fan Removal

If you’ve enabled age restrictions on your page then Facebook might delete likes that are under age. For example, a celebrity comedian page that uses strong language might have an age restriction set. Real estate agent pages are probably not as colorful ?

Unlikes from Page, Posts, or News Feed

Maybe someone just doesn’t want to see your posts anymore. Don’t take offense – there’s a lot of noise out there! If you see a big drop in likes you can probably track it down to a specific post. You might want to evaluate the content of the post that’s causing such negative reaction. Did you take a religious stand, political stance or curse (people really hate the F word)?

Polarizing content of any kind will often cause your audience to react. And, not always positively.


Everything else that doesn’t have a specific category. For example, if you change your Page’s name, Facebook will ask the people that like your page if they still want to like your page. If they don’t, those might appear in “other” unlikes. Or, if Facebook removed a page or profile for policy reasons – that might fall under other. It’s a melting pot, but likely out of your control.

There might be more reasons for unlikes, but these are the most popular (at the time this post was written).

Let’s go back to the Unlikes from Page, Posts, or News Feed – in number 4.

One or two unlikes here or there aren’t really anything to worry about. But, let’s say you get 20 unlikes in one day??? Now that’s something to question.

Perhaps you voiced a strong personal opinion about politics, a social hot button issue, or something that is simply disliked by your fans. You can delete that post and go back to holding your opinions to yourself. In many cases, this is good advice.

However, there is something to be said about being true to you.

This method is sure to lose you likes. You’ve heard the saying “You can’t please everyone”? That applies here to. So, you do you – and what you think is best for your business. If you only want to work with people that believe the same as you, this can work. But, you have potential to alienate people (albeit with differing beliefs from yours).

Similarly, if your content doesn’t take enough of a stance, is super vanilla or sucks in general, people are going to be so bored they unlike your page.

You might want to punch it up with INTERESTING content. So, what is interesting content? That depends on your audience. Who is following your business page and what interests them? You can test different subjects and different types of content (pictures, links, gifs, video, etc) and see what your audience resonates with.

Not sure what your audience is interested in? You should download our audience profile worksheet that will help you get specific with your followers.


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