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While similar platforms might charge a premium, at Savvy Agent, we believe in supporting every real estate agent on their road to success. Get unparalleled value and resources for just $10/month.

Savvy Social

THE MEMBERSHIP Heather WISHED she had when she got licensed 13 years ago!

I felt like the real estate agent that failed art class. I was always second guessing my designs to the point nothing was getting posted - creating my own bottleneck! 

I knew that posting on social media was necessary to remain visible because “secret” agents aren’t the ones people think of when it’s time to buy or sell. Being top of mind is crucial to any successful agent!

Many real estate professionals face the same challenge - not enough time to create a captivating social media presence. And let's face it, in today's digital age, a strong social media strategy is essential for success.

Hello! I’m Heather Wright. I’ve been selling real estate since 2010 with 900+ closings behind me. So you know I absolutely understand the value of time and the need for reliable resources. I can write contracts like a champ, generate leads like my life depends on it, but graphic design? Not so much. It’s like a foreign language to me, and let’s be honest, learning it was not an easy feat. 

Enter: Mr. Wright! My husband happens to be a super-talented-award-winning graphic designer (lucky me, right?), and while he was busy creating beautiful designs for my business, I thought, why not put his skills to good use and create something that real estate agents like me can benefit from? And just like that, Savvy Agent was born and we started our quest to help real estate agents have more beautiful marketing! 

Savvy Social is our newest platform where real estate agents can get their hands on professionally designed graphics at a fraction of the cost. No more stressing about creating eye-catching social media posts or spending endless hours trying to figure out Photoshop. Instead, you can quickly grab what you need from Savvy Social and move forward with confidence.

You don’t have to be a

graphic designer

or pay a graphic designer's salary to use Savvy Social.

It’s SUPER EASY to grab what you need, and post! Dive into our collections, filled with everything you’ll need to show up like the GO-TO agent you are, all month long.

Here's what you'll gain:

  • Consistent content

  • Fresh content

  • Increased Visibility

  • Flexibility

  • more clients

  • credibility

  • Budget friendly

Consistent Content

Savvy Social provides you with all the graphics you need each month to have a consistent presence on your social media feeds.

Get ready

to level up your real estate game!

And best of all,




People want to KNOW who they're hiring. 

Someone will feel like they know you when they "get" you. 

Social visibility is an efficient way to get large numbers of people familiar with you and your brand. The more they see, the more they'll know.



Very few people will list with someone they don't LIKE. 

Posting content that gives value, provides a perspective and isn't "all business, all the time," is the way to connect with your audience. 

Your "people" will find you, but not if you're a secret agent.



TRUST is the foundation of our business.  

Your clients want to know that you know what you're doing. That you're going to be on their side.

Social media is a great place to set the expectation of how you provide for your clients.

What Our Clients Say

Savvy Social has helped me IMMENSELY with my social presence. Let's face-it – curating social can be a full-time job and curating contact is HARD. When I need to post, I don't always feel inspired. Savvy Social provides ideas and inspiration. When I am teaching someone else to post for me, Savvy Agent coaches my assistant by showing them what to post and in my voice. I no longer have the need to hire an expensive social "expert" which has improved my bottom line. LOVE IT.

Susanne Casey


Savvy Social

Your Secret Weapon for Social Media Success

Get ready to be the GO-TO agent in your network! Turn your social feeds into a LEAD GENERATING MACHINE. With Savvy Social you’ll be able to turn your social media to-do list to DONE in mere minutes a day.

When you join Savvy Social, you'll get instant access to these incredible features to help you thrive on social media.

A Vault of Social Media Graphics

  • Captivate Your Audience with Stunning Visuals
  • Get access to a timely and relevant collection of professionally designed social media graphics that will make your posts stand out in a crowded feed.
  • Boost engagement and brand awareness, attracting potential clients to your real estate business.

Inspiring Quotes and Stories

  • Spark Inspiration and Connect with Your Audience
  • Share compelling quotes and captivating stories that resonate with your target audience, fostering a sense of connection and trust.
  • Build meaningful relationships with your followers, positioning yourself as a trusted real estate expert they can rely on.

Swiper Posts for Interactive Engagement

  • Ignite Engagement with Swipe-Worthy Content
  • Utilize swipe posts to create interactive experiences, engaging your audience and encouraging them to take action, such as exploring your listings or signing up for your newsletter.
  • Increase website traffic and lead generation, turning social media followers into potential clients.

Eye-Catching Cover Photos

  • Impress your audience with professionally designed cover photos that showcase the essence of your real estate brand, leaving a lasting impact.
  • Enhance your brand image and professionalism, attracting potential clients who resonate with your visual identity.

Fun Holidays and Occasions

  • Stay Relevant and Celebrate with Your Audience
  • Never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience by leveraging fun holidays and occasions, creating content that sparks conversation and connection.
  • Foster a sense of community and loyalty, strengthening your relationships with existing clients and attracting new ones.


  • Effortless Captioning for Impactful Messaging
  • Access pre-written social media captions, saving you time and ensuring your posts convey the right message. Just copy and paste for seamless, effective communication.
  • Streamline your social media posting process, enhancing the effectiveness of your messaging and connecting with your audience more effortlessly.

Bonus 1 Business Plan

Achieve Your Goals with a Customized Business Plan

Bonus 2
Buyer Checklists

Streamline Your Buyer's Journey with Checklists That Make a Difference

Bonus 3
Buyer's Guide

Empower Your Clients with an Informative Buyer's Guide

Bonus 4 Seller's Guide

Stand Out as a Seller's Agent with Our Comprehensive Guide

Bonus 5
Real Estate Flyers

Capture Attention with Professionally Designed Real Estate Flyers

Bonus 6
Website Template

Establish a Powerful Online Presence with a Stunning Website

What Our Clients Say

I have enjoyed Savvy Agent. Being socially visible is one of the things I have struggled with most! This has helped me develop content that I felt comfortable sharing. I should never be at a loss for content and achieving my own personal goal of becoming Savvy Social.

Moco Todd


Social media graphics are my favorite thing from the club. It's such a relief to have a library to scroll through that really relates to real estate. The quality of the graphics are great. Heather has great tutorial videos that helps to take the sting away. So if you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting on?

Porschalynn Nnandi


If you’re wondering…

I’ve already invested in so many resources, why would


be any different?

The Answer:

  • Savvy Social isn’t just another item on your list. It’s designed to cut through the decision paralysis, guiding you seamlessly through the entire creative process. (Goodbye bottlenecks!)

  • You can scale and delegate social media tasks more effectively.

  • Every month feels like Christmas with a new collection of fun & diverse social content. 

  • For less than the price of your Starbucks order, Savvy Social offers unbeatable value.

With Savvy Social,

you’ll have everything you need to stay top of mind on social media.

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What Our Clients Say

I struggled with content and would spend so much time and effort trying to find something to share outside of, "Hey, I have a new listing!" It was an absolute chore. Now, all I do is pull up Savvy Social for something to post. Within a few minutes, it's done!

Keep up the great work, Savvy Agent!

Angela Ousley



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