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How to Get Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

How to Get Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

How to get engagement on your facebook business page

Social media can be rather tricky when you’re using it to grow your real estate business. In this video we’ve got some tips on how you can get more likes, loves, comments and shares by increasing the level of engagement with your posts. AND, scroll down for the Attract a Perfect Client bonus! 

First things first…

I assume that you’re feeding Facebook the types of posts it will actually show to your audience. Right? If so, great!. If not, check this post out.

Some tough love

If you’re not getting engagement on your real estate business page, meaning you’re not getting the likes and loves and comments you want, do you think maybe it’s because you’re posting about YOU and not your AUDIENCE?

Remember this: At the end of the day, people ONLY care about themselves.

So, when you post about a new listing?


When you post about how amazing at real estate you are….


But, if you post something that your audience might relate to – that’s when the magic happens

For example – think about your perfect client… what is something your perfect client might be totally into?

  • Are they dog lovers?
  • Are they local sports fans?
  • Do they brunch every weekend?
  • Are they foodies?
  • Maybe wine snobs?
  • Are they totally into organic food and farmers markets?
  • Maybe they just love scoring a deal on anything, but especially at Target.

So, why not post about THOSE things?

You don’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, all real estate, all the time.

If you’re not quite sure how to figure this out, you’re in luck. I’ve got a worksheet that will help you nail down your PERFECT AUDIENCE. Scroll down and tell me where to send it and I’ll email it ASAP.

Knowing your audience is half the battle to getting engagement on your Facebook business page.

Ultimately, don’t post about YOU.

Post about THEM and what THEY like – and you’ll see the engagement on your posts increase. 

Once you have their attention, then you can WOW them with your real estate skills. Even then, you’ll want to consider THEIR point of view of the real estate process

And then when they need a real estate agent, you’re the FIRST person they’ll call!


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Get More Organic Reach on Facebook

How to Get More Organic Reach on Facebook

Get more organic reach on Facebook using the exact posts that Facebook prefers. (aka FEED Facebook!)



When you feed Facebook what it wants, you’ll be rewarded with more organic reach.

Organic reach: your posts will reach MORE of your audience – for FREE.

In this video I’m going to share the 5 ways to feed Facebook starting with the BEST and most preferred. That leaves the WORST for last.

1. Facebook Live

Facebook’s FAVORITE post is a Facebook live! When you do a Facebook live, Facebook will reward you by notifying your audience that you’re live and giving that post a little extra Facebook love by sharing it with MORE of your audience.

2. Video

If you can’t do a Facebook live, the 2nd favorite post is an uploaded video. Facebook loves video although it loves live video the most.

3. Image

The 3rd most preferred post is one with an image. Something eye catching to get your audiences attention. Image posts do very well with the Facebook algorithm, just not as good as video or FB lives.

4. Text Only

Maybe you don’t have a video or an image. So, you post text only. This type of post doesn’t usually perform well with Facebook – because it’s not feeding Facebook what it wants. <img draggable=” /> So, it’s not the worst type of post, but it’s close.

5. Link

Finally, if you want to make sure your post goes nowhere fast, feed Facebook a link. Links seem pretty innocent because they’re potentially sharing valuable information with your audience, right?


Facebook hates links because they encourage people to LEAVE FACEBOOK.

Makes sense that their clever algorithm would be programmed to keep people ON Facebook doesn’t it?

But, don’t just take my word for it. Post one of these posts daily for the next 5 days and comment below which one(s) worked the best, and which posts bombed.

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3 Time Saving Tips

Get Your Life Back With These 3 Time Saving Tips

If you feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get ANYTHING done, then these 3 time saving tips are for YOU!


In this video, I’ve got 3 time saving tips that are going to save you so much time, you’re going to sell many more houses, you’ll be rich.

Time management tip number one:

Turn off your text notifications. It’s not like your phone isn’t attached to your ear or your hand 24/7 anyway, so turn off the notifications. Then, when you actually have a moment to concentrate on something, look at your text messages. Trust me. If somebody says, “I want to buy a house” and it took you 15 minutes to get back to them, they’re still going to want to buy a house! They know you’re busy, and who’s to say you’re not with a client?

And, just because you’re not with a client doesn’t mean that you should answer a text in lightning speed. You’re a business owner and you answer that text message when you have time to dedicate time to it. That’s why you should turn off your text notifications.

Tip number two:

Turn off the notifications to Facebook. Facebook will be there later, so turn off the notifications and you won’t be bothered constantly all day long just to find out that “Heather commented on your post, or Heather posted in a group that you’re in” so on and so forth. That way, you’ll spend less time on social media and more time focused on things that truly matter to move your business forward.

Tip number three:

Turn off your email notifications. I know that’s hard. I know everybody likes to get a little “ing, ding, ding, ding, ding” on your phone when you have an email, but enough is enough. Just like your phone is connected to you 24/7 for your text messages, it’s not like you’re not constantly reading email anyway.

Plus, so much of what we get for emails is junk. Just give yourself a break and turn off the notification, and then budget your time wisely. So, when you do have a moment to check your email, you’ll actually be able to concentrate on what’s going on there, and you won’t feel like you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off. (Seriously, you’ve got to check out the video for a hilarious chicken clip.)

So those are my three time management tips, and if you follow those then you will INSTANTLY have so much more time on your hands to sell more houses. Although, you probably will need about a week to get used to not being needed so much. With all of those notifications not going off, you’re going to feel a little strange with so much extra time on your hands. Now go use that time wisely and sell a house.

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Why You Shouldn't Obsess Over Having Facebook LIKES

Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over Having Facebook LIKES

Can we talk about why you shouldn’t obsess over having Facebook likes? Seriously, the agent that wins social media is going to have an engaged audience…

This video was from a Facebook live about how you need to stop obsessing over the size of your social media following. 

When it comes to social media, you don’t have to have ALL the likes.

I often hear people say something along the lines of, “Oh I need to really work on getting more likes on my Facebook page, my follows on Instagram, more, more, more, more, more.”

Please. You don’t have to have ALL the likes. You just have to have the likes that count.

It’s quality over quantity. 

Think about it. What is having ALL those likes actually doing for you? You can buy likes if you need to. You can run an ad to get likes. But, are those really people that are going to do business with you? Is somebody liking your Facebook page or following you on Instagram really going to result in money in your pocket? Probably not.

If you’re not engaging with your audience, it’s probable you have a dead page.

I look at the real estate agents that have thousands and thousands and thousands of followers, and their pages are dead. Nobody is engaging with anything on their page, and you don’t want that.

So, instead of giving yourself a hard time about not having all the likes, think about what it is that your audience wants. What do they need? Now give it to them in a fun way! (Not in a “Hey, use me as your real estate agent.” way because nobody really wants that.)

Think about how you can be super relatable to your audience. What will they appreciate hearing from you? You can be funny. You can be brutally honest. You can be lots of things, but the people who are going to appreciate the message that you give, those are your people.

If there’s 100 people who engage with all of your posts, and they tell all of their friends that you’re amazing and they should use you for real estate, then that’s better than having a page of 100,000 fans who don’t care two bits about you.

Take it from me

You want quality not quantity when it comes to a social media following. Stop beating yourself up for not having thousands of followers and realize that having a smaller but more engaged following is really the secret to success.

Focus on the people that already like your page, and give them the content that they’ll engage with. And then once you’ve got them engaged, look for more people just like them. That’s how you win in social media.

If you’re not sure what to post you might benefit from taking our FREE course “Attract the Perfect Client”. Tell us where to email it below:

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Are You Making this Facebook Mistake?

Do you ever see a cool post on Facebook and then share it to either your business page or your personal profile? Our Savvy Agent best practice tip is to always (always, always, always!) write something about the share.

Are you making this Facebook mistake?

If you’re sharing content without a comment – it’s not going to perform well in the Facebook algorithm. The newsfeed moves SO fast with everyone’s posts that Facebook has to figure out which posts are going better than others – and they serve those winners to more people. But the posts that don’t do well – will potentially hurt your business page from reaching people organically.

So, if you’re not sure what to write in your post here’s some things to consider:

Why should your friends/audience care about what you’re sharing?

Is it important to your local community, for example? Are you sharing an article that gave you an extreme emotional response and that’s why you’re sharing? How is it relevant to you and/or your audience?

Be specific and tell them why they should care. But, be fun and social. No one wants to follow someone wagging their finger at them.

making this facebook mistake


What’s your goal with sharing?

Do you want them to DO something? Then write that in your post. Not all Call to Actions have to be salesy. Are you asking them to choose a favorite between multiple images? Or, comment about their best/worst experience? Do you want their opinion on the article you’re sharing? Ask for it.

If people don’t know how to respond, they won’t respond at all.

Be engaging!

Remember that the people following your page either know you, or they already like you, probably trust you and have intentionally clicked that LIKE button on the page so they’re welcoming content from you. Don’t be afraid to share some of your personality. Having an opinion is a GOOD thing – you’ll attract people that agree with you. Or, you’ll invite those that don’t agree with you into a spirited conversation. (Unless it’s about politics, then it’s probably going to be a shouting match. Maybe avoid political posts?)

Choose quality over quantity.

If you’re sharing because someone, somewhere, said you need to post X number of times a day/week and you just want to show up in their news feed, don’t bother. It’s more than just posting. You need people to ENGAGE with what you’re posting (with a like, comment, or link click), or you’re going to get on the bad side of the Facebook algorithm as one that doesn’t serve worthy content and it’s going to make it more difficult for future posts to be seen.

Not sure what to post? Join Savvy Agent Club and choose from our library of social media conversation starters or be inspired to make your own post with an image for our graphics library.


fake likes

Fake likes + fake reviews = fake

Fake Likes + Fake Reviews = FAKE

Today, I saw a post go up in a FB group. The agent suggested that we all help each other get more likes and 5 star reviews. So, she offered that anyone that liked her business page and gave a 5 star review, she would return the favor.

Great idea, right?


WRONG. So wrong.


First – inviting people that aren’t truly your target audience to LIKE your page is going to kill your reach.

Second – fake 5 star reviews? Come on.

So, let’s back up to that “great” idea of inviting other agents to like your business page. For the record, this is a terrible idea!

You have to ask yourself – are these agents really my target audience? Are they likely going to move to your market and then use you as their agent? Probably not. Are they really interested in your town, your neighborhoods and issues specific to you locally? Doubtful. 

It is entirely possible that you could get referrals from agents in FB groups – but that’s going to be based on your interaction with them in that group. NOT on your page.

Real estate agents consume content that is dramatically different than your target audience. Think about it – that agent probably only liked your page so they could get a like in return. You’re not even in the same state, let alone city – so nothing they say makes sense to you and vice versa.

So, when you’re talking about a super cool neighborhood in your local area – local people will “get it” and engage with your post. (Ideally!) But, those real estate agents from other towns/states/etc – they have no idea what you’re talking about and will just cruise right by that post.


Which kills your reach.


Facebook tests each post you create by serving it to just a small portion of your page audience. If it gets engagement (comments, likes, loves, etc) then the algorithm will favor that post and serve it to even MORE people, organically. (Organic=free)

But, if the people on your business page aren’t actually interested in you, your business, or even your town/area/whatever-you-post-about – then they’re not going to engage with comments, likes, etc. And the algorithm will not favor your awesome post because the wrong people saw it, and they didn’t engage.

It takes time but you’ll be better off if you build a truly engaged audience. An audience of real people – not real estate agents. If you’re not quite sure who you should be targeting, or what to post, click here to get our worksheet to help you get clarity.

Now, let’s go back to that second bit about giving each other 5 star reviews so our pages look even better than they are?




You don’t need fake reviews. Frankly, I don’t think the review section on Facebook means much of anything so I would encourage you to turn it off.

Collect your REAL reviews on Zillow, where real buyers/sellers are looking for an agent.

But, do NOT encourage people to leave you FAKE reviews. If you need a reason, let’s just go with ethics. Because fake=bad.