For residential real estate agents who want to make more sales 

How I get

Six deals a month

using these social prompts


Get a copy of the exact content prompts I use (there’s 500+ of them!) in a Trello board (or download the spreadsheet) and build your brand instead of buying leads. Never worry about what to say on FB, IG, YouTube, TikTok, or even your newsletter - ever again.

For $47 it's yours today!

what you get for only


  • A Trello board with 500+ content prompts to inspire ALL of your content. Organized by categories: Local Visibility, Buyer Content, Seller Content, Connect Content, General Content, Quotes, Holidays
  • Optional Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets download with all 500+ prompts
  • A bonus graphics pack for your social posts 
  • Six training videos on using the Trello board
  • Use our T-E-A-S-E method to keep your posts fresh and your audience interested
  • Best practices & Call to Action recommendations (to get those leads!)

every real estate agent knows

you should be working

your database and sphere of influence

It just falls off your to-do list every week.

You're an amazing real estate agent, but when it comes to marketing yourself do you ever feel like: 

  • you’re not sure what to say, which makes you the best kept secret in town (hello, secret agent!)?
  • you’re afraid people will judge you, laugh at you, or think you’re full of yourself?
  • you don’t want to constantly call the people you know just to beg for a referral?
  • you’re afraid your past clients will stop taking your calls because they’re not ready to make a move?
  • you’d rather be out writing contracts than wasting time on social media (of course, who wouldn’t?)???

There's a way to

make this easier

You could sit around and wait for the phone to ring. But we both know that you're better off being PROACTIVE with your marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about knocking on doors, cold calling people in the phone book, or any other outdated tactic those "tired-coaches-from-the-90’s" tell us we should do.

The easier strategy is staying top of mind with your audience whether they're on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or your email list. It's so much easier, and cheaper to generate leads from people that you ALREADY LOVE working with. 

People that really need (and want) your help. People that will tell everyone they know how amazing you are (hello, referrals!?!). 

What makes


for real estate agents?

  • You don't have to invest gobs of money until you're ready to run ads
  • Almost everyone you know is already on social media
  • You can connect with people in a REAL way (without even getting out of your pj's)
  • The ability to reach a large, LOCAL audience is fantastic
  • You can put your marketing message out in less than 30 minutes a day (sometimes less than 5 minutes!)
  • You don’t always have to be “salesy”
  • The content you create can be re-purposed on other platforms - like your newsletter, or drip emails for examples
  • You can repurpose your best content to your newsletter, create a video, use it in a drip email for new leads, and so much more
  • You can reach prospects BEFORE they contact a stranger on Zillow, Realtor or Trulia

The only


is how much time it takes.


What Our Clients Say

"Visible Agent has helped me IMMENSELY with my social presence. Let's face it - curating social can be a full-time job and curating contact is HARD. When I need to post, I don't always feel inspired. Visible Agent provides ideas and inspiration. When I am teaching someone else to post for me, Visible Agent coaches my assistant by showing them what to post and in my voice. I no longer have the need to hire an expensive social 'expert' which has improved my bottom line. LOVE IT."

Susanne Casey


And best of all,




People want to KNOW who they're hiring. 

Someone will feel like they know you when they "get" you. 

Social visibility is an efficient way to get large numbers of people familiar with you and your brand. The more they see, the more they'll know.



Very few people will list with someone they don't LIKE. 

Posting content that gives value, provides a perspective and isn't "all business, all the time," is the way to connect with your audience. 

Your "people" will find you, but not if you're a secret agent.



TRUST is the foundation of our business.  

Your clients want to know that you know what you're doing. That you're going to be on their side.

Social media is a great place to set the expectation of how you provide for your clients.

if the mere thought of


makes you want to reach for a


I'm here to tell you you're not alone.

And that’s why I created The Visible Agent Inspiration Bank to give you all the inspiration you need to quickly post valuable content that will turn your followers into clients (and referrals!).

My team has found that the more VISIBLE we are the more business we get. That's why at least 75% of our sales each year are ORGANIC and come from people we know, repeat business and referrals.

For less than $50, you can stop worrying about what to post on social media for the NEXT TWO YEARS. (And, start building your content empire!) Imagine what it would cost to have someone create this for you. You'd be looking at paying them $500+ a month!


Visible Agent Inspiration Bank

Includes everything you'll need to create engaging content for all your social media platforms. We've organized the 500+ prompts into different categories so you can choose what you need, when you need it.

For example:

Local Visibility - BE seen as a community expert

With more than 70 prompts to choose from you’ll never lack inspiration on what to post to help demonstrate that you not only work in your community, but you live there too. You’ll be able to position yourself as a community expert.

Buyer Content - attract new buyer leads (and sellers are often buyers too!)

We’ve compiled a list of more than 70 prompts of questions that buyers ask in various stages of their journey to purchase a home. You’ll not only be posting on social media but you’ll be answering questions for your ideal buyer (that no one else has thought to address) and they’ll keep scrolling through your content until they finally reach out to make that purchase.

Seller Content - be seen as a listing expert

Sellers are often buyers so we recommend you share a mix of buyer and seller content to attract more listings. We’ve got over 70 prompts to help answer questions sellers have in their journey. And, once you’ve got their attention, they’ll keep scrolling through your content and before you know it - you’ve got a new client. 

Connect Content - help people get to know the REAL YOU

It’s important that people get to know you and we want to highlight how cool you are as a person AND a business person. With over (you guessed it) 70 prompts to inspire you with stories to share that will endear you to your ideal client. 

General Content - be the real estate expert and community leader

Some days are just more general than others. Whether it’s good real estate information that everyone can appreciate or you’re lacking overall inspiration and need an easy layup for the day. This list includes over 70 prompts that will be just what you need. 

Bonus: Quotes

You don’t have to be all real estate all the time. We’ve compiled more than 100 quotes that you can share with your audience. Include some context on why the particular quote inspires you, or if you’re in a rush, the quotes can often speak for themselves.

Bonus: Holidays

You can find at least one, if not several, holidays to celebrate on any given day. We’ve included directions on how to access a calendar of weird and fun holidays but also put together a long list of traditional-ish holidays that you might not want to forget. 

Bonus: Graphics

We know that the social media algorithms tend to prefer visuals so we included some graphics that you can use with your content. (But we think you really should consider doing a lot of video.)

There’s 500+ content prompts in total. That’s a lot of inspiration! Plus, they’re not really “one and done” type posts. Each prompt is for inspiration and you might have a different outlook today than you will in 6 months.

 The Visible Agent Inspiration Bank will keep you and your content inspired for years!

And get immediate access to over 500+ prompts!

We're all about saving you time and money. For example, what would it cost to hire a social media manager to come up with this for you. (Hint, it would be hundreds, if not thousands!

But wouldn't you rather re-invest that money in your business? In less than 5 minutes a day you can have a rockin' social media presence that will keep filling your sales pipeline!

Imagine how great a year full of referrals will be!

What Our Clients Say

"I have really enjoyed Visible Agent. Being socially visible is one of the things I struggle with most! This has helped me develop content that I felt comfortable sharing. I love the prompts that got me thinking about my business and help me highlight my areas of expertise, as well as highlight my local faves. The board is easy to use and combined with the Savvy Agent graphics, and auto scheduling, I should never be at a loss for content and achieving my own personal goal of becoming a Visible Agent."

Moco Todd


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a one time payment?

Can these prompts be used for more than social media?

What is a content prompt anyway?

Can I just copy and paste the content prompt and be done?

The Visible Agent inspiration bank

includes more than 500+ content prompts including:

70+ prompts for Local Visibility


70+ prompts for Buyer Content


70+ prompts for Seller Content


70+ prompts for Connect Content


70+ prompts for General Content


BONUS: Quotes 100+ prompts


BONUS: Holidays  (VALUE: $47)


BONUS: Graphics  (VALUE: $17)


Total Value $596

Today's Price $47

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stop being a secret agent - today and forever!

Never worry about what to put on social media ever again. Purchase your copy today and start creating your content empire – and generating more leads and referrals!

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