Who is Savvy Agent?

Real estate agents have a LOT of people telling them what to do. Everywhere you look you can find an expert. Some experts have never sold real estate. Some have sold 19 houses but are "marketing experts."

Savvy Agent was created by Heather Wright to be a trusted resource for real estate agents to build their business with proven marketing strategies.

About the Team

Hi, I'm Heather Wright

Founder of Savvy Agent Club

I built my thriving real estate agent business from scratch with digital marketing. Through social media, I discovered the key to building a warm audience and getting massive ROI—without knocking on doors, calling expired listings, or even stalking FSBOs. And today, I manage a vibrant real estate team that sells over 80 homes a year. 


Because I unlocked the secret to filling up our pipeline with the power of online marketing, social media, and database nurturing, I don't have to worry about keeping my team busy or tapping out my personal network. And most importantly, I don't have to think twice about hitting up Starbucks to get that raspberry vanilla latte on the way to my 5th showing of the day. Cha-ching!


After cracking the code to successful online marketing in my own business, I wanted to help other real estate agents do the same (without making the same mistakes I made along the way). So, I started Savvy Agent (and then Savvy Agent Club!) to share super simple strategies and help agents save time, save money and get back to the business of selling homes.

Scott Wright

Savvy Agent Club Creative Director

Scott is not only Heather’s husband but her partner in all things business and life. He’s a mild mannered graphic designer with an impressive career and several awards to back it up. He’s the real superhero behind Savvy Agent's overall aesthetic. (Unless the design wasn’t very good then it’s obvious Heather did it.) 

In 2017, we launched Savvy Agent Club.

Which is our online membership area for real estate agents. It’s our mission to help as many agents as possible and still remain affordable for EVERY agent to show them how to successfully market and grow their business.