June 11

Are You Being Intentional Or Boring?


Any time you’re thinking about marketing to your database, you want to ask yourself, “are you being intentional or boring?” This is a good rule to follow with any type of content, marketing, email, or even social media posts.

A little backstory…

Recently, I met with a local agent for a poolside chat about getting organized in real estate. Yep, we were by the pool. Because how can you get some pool time in when you’re a real estate agent and an entrepreneur? Poolside chats!

Are you being intentional or boring? 
Work + Play = Balance, right?

Anyway, she was describing a moment I’m sure we’ve all had… you’re sitting at your computer, doing your thing, and all of a sudden you wonder “OMG, should I be sending out a newsletter?!?!” 

(Side note – don’t wonder those things! Make a marketing plan for the month (or better yet the year) and stick to it. You’ll stop having these bright shiny moments that get you off track.) 

My response:

Why do you need a newsletter when you can send an email from YOU (vs a newsletter service) that provides some sort of value to your audience?

One easy way to provide value is to send a round up of your best content that week. For example, did you post anything on Instagram or Facebook this week about your local area? Some ideas:

  • Something about a farmers market
  • The best place for fireworks this weekend
  • Where to get the most amazing raspberries
Are you being intentional or boring? 
mmmm, raspberries!

That’s good content!

You don’t need to pay a service for a boring newsletter. Remember that 20 other agents in your market will send the same exact newsletter. Ew, how boring! Instead, you can send an intentional email! And an intentional email with good content is providing VALUE.

Remember to include a link back to your Facebook page so you benefit from their future likes and engagement. Their engagement will give you better future organic traffic AND great re-targeting options. Yeah! But best of all, your audience will benefit from all of your awesome posts.

I would mix fun stuff, local stuff and maybe ONE real estate thing (you should do a Facebook live with YOUR #1 curb appeal tip!). 

Remember to be intentional. People will appreciate it so much more than a canned newsletter that isn’t really sharing anything great.

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