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The 4 Simple Steps to Completely WOW Your Prospects Every Time


The 4 Simple Steps to Completely WOW Your Prospects Every Time

Want to know the difference between a good marketer and a bad marketer?

A bad marketer sells a product or service.

Yeah, you read that right!

Bad marketers treat their customers and prospects like just another one of the herd–a dime a dozen, and once they buy, they get pushed out the door to make room for the next wave of “cash cows”.

But, if you’re here, chances are…you don’t want to be a bad marketer.

You want to be an AMAZING one.

Ready to hear how you can be?

It’s simple: Good marketers sell their prospect a better version of themselves. A version whose business or life is completely different (in all of the best ways imaginable). And it’s better  BECAUSE of the product or service the marketer sells them.

If you’re in real estate, here’s the good news: this is mind-blowingly simple! You’re not selling a house. You’re selling:

  • A home to spend time with your family and friends.
  • A different (and improved) lifestyle.
  • A place to make memories.

Here are 4 things you can implement immediately to start building the mindset of an OUTSTANDING marketer to make sure you truly delight your customers and prospects:

  • Answer Their Questions

This sounds completely obvious… and it is!

Think about it: your audience is coming to you because they have a question… and they need an answer.

People type their questions into Google looking for an answer. With the right piece of helpful content, and some effort on your SEO, your content will be served up as just the answer your prospect is looking for!

  • Solve Their Problems

Another seemingly obvious one, your prospect has a question because they have a problem they need help solving.

Each prospect is different, so you need to take the time to listen and read between the lines. A new home might be a complete solution for one, and might only be a part of the solution for another, but you need to understand there are multiple steps in solving your prospect’s problems (and you might only be able to help with one or two).

This is where buyer personas come in real handy — the more you know about your prospect, how they think, and what their fears, hopes, and dreams are, the better you can solve your prospect’s problems (and hopefully that’s with a sale!).

  • Help Them Reach Their Goals

Now comes the fun part!

An outstanding marketer does NOT sell a product or service… An outstanding marketer helps their prospect visualize a better version of themselves, and shows them how this product or this home can get them to that better version of themselves.

We are emotional decision makers after all, so the more thoroughly you understand the goals of your prospect, the better you can tug on their heart strings and use your product as a crystal ball that helps them get a glimpse into the future of their better, happier life.

  • Be Enthusiastic, Warm, and Fun

Think of that one super nice waitress you know.

Now think of all the waitresses you’ve ever had in your life.


Being extra engaging, personable, and fun REALLY goes a long way to help you stick out in your prospect’s mind for good! Don’t underestimate the power of a cheery attitude.

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